C Programming Absolute Beginner’s Guide 3rd Edition

C Programming GuideFree download C Programming Absolute Beginner’s Guide 3rd Edition in PDF written by Greg Perry and Dean Miller, published by QUE Publishing.

According to the Authors, “This is a beginner’s book. If you have never programmed, this book is for you. No knowledge of any programming concept is assumed. If you can’t even spell C, you can learn to program in C with this book. The phrase absolute beginner has different meanings at different times. Maybe you’ve tried to learn C but gave up. Many books and classes make C much more technical than it is. You might have programmed in other languages but are a beginner in C. If so, read on, O faithful one, because in 32 quick chapters, you’ll know C. This book doesn’t cloud issues with internal technical stuff that beginners in C don’t need. We’re of the firm belief that introductory principles have to be taught well and slowly. After you tackle the basics, the “harder” parts never seem hard. This book teaches you the real C that you need to get started.

Each chapter ends by reviewing the key points you should remember from that chapter. One of the key features that ties everything together is the section titled “The Absolute Minimum.” This chapter summary states the chapter’s primary goal, lists a code example that highlights the concepts taught, and provides a code analysis that explains that code example.This book uses the following typographic conventions:

  •  Code lines, variables, and any text you see onscreen appears in mono-space
  • Placeholders on format lines appear in italic mono-space
  •  Parts of program output that the user typed appear in bold mono-space.
  •  New terms appear in italic.
  •  Optional parameters in syntax explanations are enclosed in flat brackets ([ ]). You do not type the brackets when you include these parameters.  

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: What is C Programming
  2. Writing First C Program
  3. Clarifying Code with Comments
  4. Printing Program Result on the Screen
  5. Adding Variables to Programs
  6. Adding Words to Programs
  7. including Files, #include, #define
  8. Interacting with Users
  9. Operators and Expressions
  10. Assignments and Expressions
  11. Testing Data, Using If
  12. Logical Operators
  13. More Operators, ++ and —
  14. Loops
  15. For Loop
  16. Break, Continue 
  17. Switch Statement
  18. Program’s InPut and OutPut
  19. Character Testing Functions
  20. Advanced Mathematics
  21. Arrays, Dealing with Arrays
  22. Searching Arrays
  23. Alphabetizing and Arranging Data
  24. Pointers
  25. Arrays and Pointers
  26. Maximizing Computer’s Memory
  27. Structures
  28. Files, Disk Files
  29. Saving Random Files into Computer
  30. Functions
  31. Passing Variables to Functions
  32. Returning Data from Functions
  33. Appendices 

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