Beginning Rust From Novice to Professional

Beginning RustFree Download Beginning Rust From Novice to Professional Book in PDF written by Carlo Milanesi and published by Apress Media LLC. 

Author of the Book Carlo Milanesi is a professional software developer and expert in C++, graphics programming, and GUI design. He graduated from the State University of Milan and worked in the financial and CAD/CAM software industries. He enjoys writing software in Smalltalk and Rust.

According to the Author, “This book teaches a beginner how to program with the Rust programming language in an easy, step-by-step manner. Only a basic knowledge of programming is required, preferably in the C or C++ languages. Let’s say that to understand this text it’s enough to know what an integer is and what a floating-point number is, and to distinguish identifiers from string literals. A command-line environment is assumed, like a Unix or Linux shell, Mac OS Terminal, or Windows Command Prompt.

Please note that this book does not cover everything needed to develop professional programs in Rust. It just teaches the difficult concepts needed to understand more advanced texts, like the official tutorial of the language.

Table of Contents

  1. Printing on the Terminal
  2. Doing Arithmetic
  3. Naming Objects
  4. Controlling Execution Flow
  5. Using Data Sequences
  6. Using Primitive Types
  7. Enumerating Cases
  8. Using Heterogeneous Data Structures
  9. Defining Functions
  10. Defining Generic Functions and Structs
  11. Allocating Memory
  12. Data Implementation
  13. Defining Closures
  14. Using Changeable Strings
  15. Ranges and Slices
  16. Using Iterators
  17. Input/Output and Error Handling
  18. Using Traits
  19. Object-Oriented Programming
  20. Standard Library Collections
  21. Drops, Moves, and Copies
  22. Borrowing and Lifetimes
  23. More About Lifetimes

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