Introducing Ethereum and Solidity

Introducing Ethereum and SolidityFree Download Introducing Ethereum and Solidity Book in PDF written by Chris Dannen and Published by Apress Media LLC. Author of the Book, Chris Dannen is a partner and founder at Iterative Instinct, a hybrid investment fund focused on cryptocurrency trading and seed-stage venture investments. He first began working with Bitcoin and Ethereum as a miner, and became gradually more enthralled in researching how smart contracts could be used to automate business logic and create new kinds of experiences with software. He was formerly a corporate strategist for Fortune 500 companies.

According to the Author,” Acclimating to the fast-moving blockchain world can be challenging. This book “Introducing Ethereum and Solidity” is your guide. Before we get started, let’s define some of the terms you’ll encounter ahead. What will the world look like by the time Serenity is released, and proof-of-work mining ends? It’s hard to say. But Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other crypto networks will have several fairly predictable impacts on business IT. One of the great 20th-century economists, Ronald Coase, is famous for his insight that firms exist in the first place to avoid the “transaction costs” of going to the market every day looking for workers. Firms create long-term employment agreements that increase efficiency. But these same bureaucratic processes that increase efficiency among a group of a few dozen workers can become a hindrance at scale, making large firms slow and uncompetitive. As a result, they attempt to find an equilibrium point where the minimal amount of bureaucracy creates maximum efficiency.

Ethereum promises to bolster the trend. When the entire world can operate within a global transaction singleton that can execute trustless applications, the confines of the office building (or the virtual private network, or the firm itself ) become less and less necessary. When compensation packages can easily be composed of a series of if-then statements in a smart contract, the distinction between a salary and a bonus become blurred. The size, age, or location of a company may no longer carry cultural connotations about its trustworthiness or importance. The era of the lifetime employee, the company man or company woman, may be ending. 

Table of Contents

  1. Bridging the Blockchain Knowledge Gap
  2. The Mist Browser
  3. The EVM
  4. Solidity Programming
  5. Smart Contracts and Tokens
  6. Mining Ether
  7. Cryptoeconomics Survey
  8. Dapp Deployment
  9. Creating Private Chains
  10. Creating Private Chains
  11. Use Cases
  12. Advanced Concepts

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