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Programming in CFree download Programming in C 3rd Edition(A complete introduction to the C Programming Language) in PDF written by Stephen G. Kochan and published by Sams Publishing.

According to the Author, ” This book proposes to teach you how to program in C.It assumes no previous exposure to the language and was designed to appeal to novice and experienced programmers alike.If you have previous programming experience,you will find that C has a unique way of doing things that probably differs from other languages you have used. Every feature of the C language is treated in this text.As each new feature is presented,a small complete program example is usually provided to illustrate the feature.This reflects the overriding philosophy that has been used in writing this book:to teach by example.Just as a picture is worth a thousand words,so is a properly chosen program example.If you have access to a computer facility that supports the C programming language,you are strongly encouraged to download and run each program presented in this book and to compare the results obtained on your system to those shown in the text.By doing so,not only will you learn the language and its syntax,but you will also become familiar with the process of typing in,compiling,and running C programs.

In creating the 3rd edition our revision was organized around the following points.

  • Chapter 2,“Some Fundamentals,”which covers some fundamental terminology about higher-level programming languages and the process of compiling programs,has been included to ensure that you understand the language used throughout the remainder of the text.From Chapter 3,“Compiling and Running Your First Program,”on,you will be slowly introduced to the C language.By the time Chapter 16,“Input and Output Operations in C,”rolls around,all the essential features of the language will have been covered.Chapter 16 goes into more depth about I/O operations in C.Chapter 17, “Miscellaneous and Advanced Features,”includes those features of the language that are of a more advanced or esoteric nature.
  • Chapter 18,“Debugging Programs,”shows how you can use the C   pre-processor to help debug your programs.It also introduces you to interactive debugging.The popular debugger was chosen to illustrate this debugging technique.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Some Fundamentals
  3. Copying and running first program
  4. Variables, Data Types, Arithmetic Expressions
  5. Program Looping
  6. Making Decisions
  7.  Working with Arrays
  8. Working with Functions
  9. Working with Structures
  10. Character Strings
  11. Pointers
  12. Operations on Bits
  13. The Preprocessor
  14. More in Data Types
  15. Working with Larger Programs
  16. I/O Operations in C
  17. Miscellaneous and Advanced Features
  18. Debugging Programs
  19. Object-Oriented Programming
  20. C Language Summary
  21. The Standard C Library
  22. Compiling Programs with GCC
  23. Common Programming Mistakes
  24. Resources
  25. Index

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