The Audio Programming Book

The Audio Programming BookFree Download The Audio Programming Book in PDF written by Richard Boulanger and Victor Lazzarini and published by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press. 

This is not just a book; it is an encyclopedia of mathematical and programming techniques for audio signal processing. It is an encyclopedia focused on the future, but built upon the massive foundations of past mathematical, signal processing, and programming sciences. It is clearly written and easy to understand, by both human readers and computers. It gives complete information, from the basic mathematics to the detailed programs needed to make sound. It is the essential library, not only for computer musicians, but also for all computer scientists, including those who work in the fields of communication and artificial intelligence.

According to the Author, “‘‘But how does an oscillator really work?’’ My 40-year journey to The Audio Programming Book began with that question. Some of the answers came from Tom Piggott (my first electronic music teacher, and the one who got me started with analog synthesizers—an EML200 and an Arp2600). More answers came from Alan R. Pearlman, founder and president of the ARP Synthesizer Company, the man who commissioned my first symphony, Three Soundscapes for Synthesizers and Orchestra. Still more answers came from Dexter Morrill, who offered me a Visiting Composer’s Residency at Colgate University, where I made my first computer music. It took days back then, but I rendered ‘‘Happy Birthday’’ in MUSIC 10 and played the rendered sound file for my dad over the phone on his birthday. And more answers came from Bruce Pennycook, who was also in residence at Colgate. (We would work through the night and end our sessions with breakfast at a local diner; I picked his brain every spare minute; he taught me how to do stereo panning and gave me his subbass oscillator instrument, LOW.)

This book has had a long period of gestation, and while we have been at it the world has changed; some things have disappeared, and some new things have been invented. But the basic elements of what we wanted to teach are still as relevant today as they were when we started. Along the way, we have also been helped and supported by many others, and we would like to give our thanks to them here.

Table of Contents

  1. C Programming Basics
  2. Audio Programming Basics
  3. Audio Programming Essentials
  4. Spectral Audio Programming
  5. Programming Csound Opcodes
  6. Algorithmic Synthesis and Music Programming
  7. Appendixes

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