The Internet of Things

The Internet of ThingsFree Download The Internet of Things (Enabling Technologies, Platforms, and Use Cases) Book in PDF written by Pethuru Raj & Anupama C. Raman and published by CRC Press, LLC. 

According to the Authors, “The recent announcements and articulations clearly show that there is a greater awareness and overwhelming acceptance that the future undoubtedly belongs to the Internet of Things (IoT). Hence university professors and IT industry professionals are in unison in unearthing pioneering technologies and toolsets to set everything right for the dreamed IoT era. A variety of concerted endeavors by different stakeholders is to substantially speed up the establishment and sustenance of the IoT-inspired smarter planet vision in a systematic and streamlined manner. In worldwide academic institutions and research labs, IoT has become the subject of deeper study and intensive research to explore and experiment any IoT-associated concerns and challenges and to expound viable and venerable solutions to boost the confidence of end users. There are conferences and confluences aplenty across the globe in order to accentuate and articulate the grandiose distinctions of the fast blossoming concept of the IoT.

This book has been consciously crafted with the sincere intention of telling all about the proven, promising, and potential IoT realization technologies and tools. A couple of chapters have been specially incorporated for clearly decoding and describing some of the prominent and dominant use cases across different industry verticals. Security, being brandished as the most inhibiting factor for IoT, is given extra thrust in this book in order to explain the nitty-gritty of security risks and vulnerabilities and to detail the path-breaking solution approaches, algorithms, and accomplishments.

Table of Contents

  1. Demystifying the IoT Paradigm
  2. Realization of IoT Ecosystem Using Wireless Technologies
  3. Infrastructure and Service Discovery Protocols for the IoT Ecosystem
  4. The Integration Technologies and Tools for IoT Environments
  5. The Enablement Platforms for IoT Applications and Analytics
  6. The Next-Generation Clouds for IoT Applications and Analytics
  7. Describing the Emerging Field of IoT Data Analytics
  8. Expounding the Edge/Fog Computing Paradigm
  9. Envisioning Futuristic Smart Airports Using IoT Integration
  10. Envisioning Smart Health Care Systems in a Connected World
  11. Smart Use Cases of IoT
  12. Security Management of an IoT Ecosystem

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