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SQL Server Advanced Data TypesFree Download SQL Server Advanced Types (JSON, XML, and Beyond) Book in PDF written by Peter A. Carter and Published by Apress Media, LLC.  

Author of the Book, Peter A. Carter is SQL Server expert with more than 15 years’ experience in database development, administration, and platform engineering. He is currently a consultant, based in London. Peter has written a number of books across a variety of SQL Server topics, including security, high availability, and automation.

According to the Author, “SQL Server Advanced Data Types attempts to demystify the complex data types that are available to developers in modern versions of SQL Server. Over the last couple of years, I have noticed that many SQL developers have heard of each of the complex data types available in SQL Server but often avoid using them, as they are not sure how these are best utilized. This has led to suboptimal solutions being developed, such as an incident that I recently experienced in which a very good and seasoned SQL developer implemented complex hierarchical logic using self joins, because he did not feel confident implementing the HierarchyID data type.

The book starts by exploring the simple, conventional data types that are available in SQL Server and reminds readers why making the right choices about data types can be so important. The book then moves on to offer in-depth discussions about the complex data types in SQL Server, namely, XML, JSON, HierarchyID, GEOGRAPHY, and GEOMETRY. Many of the code examples in the book are based on real-world problems and solutions.

Table of Contents

  1. SQL Server Data Types
  2. Understanding XML
  3. Constructing XML with T-SQL
  4. Querying and Shredding XML
  5. XML Indexes
  6. Understanding JSON
  7. Constructing JSON from T-SQL
  8. Shredding JSON Data
  9. Working with the JSON Data Type
  10. Understanding Spatial Data
  11. Working with Spatial Data
  12. Working with Hierarchical Data and HierarchyID

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