The Big Book of Small Python Projects

The Big Book of Small Python ProjectsFree Download The Big Book of Small Python Projects 81 Easy Practice Programs in PDF written by Al Sweigart and published by No Starch Press, San Francisco.

Author of the Book, Al Sweigart is a software developer, author, and Fellow of the Python Software Foundation. He was previously the education director at Oakland, California’s video game museum, The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment. He has written several programming books. His books are freely available under a Creative Commons license at his website 

According to the Author, “Programming was so easy when it was just following print(‘Hello, world!’) tutorials. Perhaps you’ve followed a well-structured book or online course for beginners, worked through the exercises, and nodded along with its technical jargon that you (mostly) understood. However, when it came time to leave the nest to write your own programs, maybe you found it hard to fly on your own. You found yourself staring at a blank editor window and unsure of how to get started writing Python programs of your own.

This book (The Big Book of Small Python Projects 81 Easy Practice Programs) provides you with practice examples of how programming concepts are applied, with a collection of over 80 games, simulations, and digital art programs. These aren’t code snippets; they’re full, runnable Python programs. You can copy their code to become familiar with how they work, experiment with your own changes, and then attempt to re-create them on your own as practice. After a while, you’ll start to get ideas for your own programs and, more importantly, know how to go about creating them.

Who Is This Book For?

This book is written for two groups of people. The people in the first group are those who have already learned the basics of Python and programming but are still unsure of how to write programs on their own. They may feel that programming hasn’t “clicked” for them. They may be able to solve the practice exercises from their tutorials but still struggle to picture what a complete program “looks like.” By first copying and then later re-creating the games in this book, they’ll be exposed to how the programming concepts they’ve learned are assembled into a variety of real programs.

The people in the second group are those who are new to programming but are excited and a bit adventurous. They want to dive right in and get started making games, simulations, and number-crunching programs right away. They’re fine with copying the code and learning along the way. Or perhaps they already know how to program in another language but are new to Python. While it’s no substitute for a complete introductory Python course, this book contains a brief introduction to Python basics and how to use the debugger to examine the inner workings of a program as it runs.
Experienced programmers might have fun with the programs in this book as well, but keep in mind that this book was written for beginners.

About This Book

While the bulk of this book is dedicated to the featured programs, there are also extra resources with general programming and Python information. Here’s what’s contained in this book:

Projects:  The 81 projects are too numerous to list here, but each one is a self-contained mini-chapter that includes the project’s name, a description, a sample run of the program’s output, and the source code of the program. There are also suggestions for experimental edits you can make to the code to customize the program.

Appendix A:   Tag Index Lists all of the projects categorized by their project tags.

Appendix B:  Character Map A list of character codes for symbols such as hearts, lines, arrows, and blocks that your programs can print.

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