The Book of R: A First Course in Programming and Statistics

The Book of RFree Download The Book of R: A First Course in Programming and Statistics in PDF written by Tilman M. Davies and published by No Starch Press, San Francisco, America.

According to the Author, “The aim of The Book of R: A First Course in Programming and Statistics is to provide a relatively gentle yet informative exposure to the statistical software environment R, alongside some common statistical analyses, so that readers may have a solid foundation from which to eventually become experts in their own right. Learning to use and program in a computing language is much the same as learning a new spoken language. At the beginning, it is often difficult and may even be daunting—but total immersion in and active use of the language is the best and most effective way to become fluent.

Many beginner-style texts that focus on R can generally be allocated to one of two categories: those concerned with computational aspects (that is, syntax and general programming tools) and those with statistical modeling and analysis in mind, often one particular type. In my experience, these texts are extremely well written and contain a wealth of useful information but better suit those individuals wanting to pursue fairly specific goals from the outset. This text seeks to combine the best of both worlds, by first focusing on only an appreciation and understanding of the language and its style and subsequently using these skills to fully introduce, conduct, and interpret some common statistical practices. The target audience is, quite simply, anyone who wants to gain a foothold in R as a first computing language, perhaps with the ultimate goal of completing their own statistical analyses.

In view of this, The Book of R can be used purely as a programming text to learn the language or as an introductory statistical methods book with accompanying instruction in R. Though it is not intended to represent an exhaustive dictionary of the language, the aim is to provide readers with a comfortable learning tool that eliminates the kind of foreboding many have voiced to me when they have considered learning R from scratch.

Table of Contents

  2. Numerics, Arithmetic, Assignment, and Vectors
  3. Matrices and Arrays
  4. Non-numeric Values
  5. Lists and Data Frames
  6. Special Values, Classes, and Coercion.
  7. Basic Plotting
  8. Reading and Writing Files
  9. Calling Functions
  10. Conditions and Loops
  11. Writing Functions
  12. Exceptions, Timings, and Visibility
  13. Elementary Statistics
  14. Basic Data Visualization
  15. Probability
  16. Common Probability Distributions
  17. Sampling Distributions and Confidence
  18. Hypothesis Testing
  19. Analysis of Variance
  20. Simple Linear Regression
  21. Multiple Linear Regression
  22. Linear Model Selection and Diagnostics
  23. Advanced Plot Customization
  24. Going Further with the Grammar of Graphics
  25. Defining Colors and Plotting in Higher Dimensions
  26. Interactive 3D Plots
  27. Appendixes

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