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Processing for AndroidFree Download Processing for Android (Create Mobile, Sensor-Aware, and VR Applications Using Processing) book in PDF written by Andres Colubri and published by Apress Media LLC.  Author of the Book, Andres Colubri is is a programmer, scientist, and artist, and long-time contributor to the Processing project. He currently works at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, developing new methods and tools for analysis of biomedical data.

The Android version of Processing got its start when I received an email from Andy Rubin back in February 2009. He was interested in having Processing be more tightly integrated with Android. The discussion led to initial funding, which helped us work on building an Android version of the project during the year or two that followed. For one of the test applications, I used some code developed by Casey Reas (the co-founder of the Processing project), and we were elated to see the first version of it up and running on the G1, the very first widely available Android device.

This book covers a wide range of ideas on how the Android platform can be used and how Processing can be a helpful bridge to creating everything from quick experiments to professionally developed applications. It’s exciting to have Andrés writing it, as we want to see even more people building and playing with the platform, and also because you couldn’t have a better expert in how Processing itself works. Andrés first started working as a core committer to the Processing project when we folded his popular OpenGL and Video libraries into the main project, which over the years led to his overseeing the 3D and Video portions of Processing.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Android Mode
  2. The Processing Language
  3. From Sketch to Play Store
  4. Drawing Graphics and Text
  5. Touchscreen Interaction
  6. Live Wallpapers
  7. Reading Sensor Data
  8. Driving Graphics and Sound with Sensor Data
  9. Geolocation
  10. Wearable Devices
  11. Visualizing Time
  12. Visualizing Physical Activity
  13. 3D in Processing
  14. VR Basics
  15. Drawing in VR
  16. Appendixes

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