Learning Android Forensics

Free Download Learning Android Forensics Book in PDF written by Rohit Tamma & Donnie Tindall and published by Packt Publishing Ltd. 

This book covers various forensic approaches and techniques on Android devices. The content is organized in a manner that allows any user to examine an Android device and perform forensic investigation. No prerequisite knowledge is needed because all the topics are explained, from basic to in-depth. Knowledge of mobile platforms, especially Android, will definitely be an advantage. Wherever possible, the steps required to perform various forensic activities using tools are explained in detail.

Learning Android Forensics uses free open source tools to show you how to forensically recover data from Android devices. All of you, from beginners to experts, are encouraged to follow along with step-by-step directions to learn how to acquire and examine evidence and gain a deeper understanding of the Android forensic process. Commercial forensic tools typically give an examiner a button to press (commonly called the Find Evidence button). This book goes behind the scenes and shows what many of these tools are actually doing, giving you much deeper knowledge of how they work. Commercial forensic tools also frequently fail to recover data from third-party applications; there are simply too many apps available to write a tool that covers all of them. This book shows you how to manually analyze over a dozen popular applications. It teaches techniques and procedures for understanding data that can be carried over to analyzing almost any other application.

Who this book is for?

This book is intended for forensic examiners with little or basic experience in mobile forensics on the Android platform. It will also be useful to computer security professionals, researchers, and anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Android mobile internals. Finally, this book will come in handy for those who are trying to recover accidentally deleted data (photos, contacts, SMS, and more) from an Android device.

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing Android Forensics
  2. Setting Up an Android Forensic Environment
  3. Understanding Data Storage on Android Devices
  4. Extracting Data Logically from Android Devices
  5. Extracting Data Physically from Android Devices
  6. Recovering Deleted Data from an Android Device
  7. Forensic Analysis of Android Applications
  8. Android Forensic Tools Overview

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