Oracle Database 12c Performance Tuning Recipes

Oracle Database 12c PerformanceFree Download Oracle Database 12c Performance Tuning Recipes Book in PDF written by Sam R. Alapati, Darl Kuhn, & Bill Padfield and published by Apress Media, LLC.

Oracle Database 12c Performance Tuning Recipes is a book of solutions—a crib sheet of sorts. Database performance problems often rear themselves suddenly, and with that suddenness comes great pressure from management and users to somehow work magic and get response time back under control. Everyone is in a panic. Everyone is upset (except ideally you!). Such is no time for a leisurely read of a book. This book is written with that pressure in mind. It is chock-full of prewritten queries and other solutions that you can immediately apply and get results. Of course, you should not wait until the last minute. Take the time now when you’re not in crisis mode to get familiar with the content in this book. Try the solutions for monitoring and analyzing. See what you can learn about your current database performance levels. Then take action to set some benchmarks and work on improvements so as to become practiced for when a crisis eventually hits. Or better yet, maybe you can avoid a crisis altogether.

Who This Book Is For?

Oracle Database 12c Performance Tuning Recipes was written primarily for database administrators who manage Oracle Database environments. The book is especially useful to those administrators involved in tackling performance optimization problems. Serious SQL developers will also find the book useful, especially the chapters on aspects of SQL.

How This Book Is Structured?

Solutions in this book are grouped into categories by chapter. Each chapter is composed of a number of recipes relating to the chapter’s topic. Each recipe takes the following form:

  • Problem: A succinct description of the problem solved by the recipe
  • Solution: A terse and to-the-point presentation of queries and commands to execute in order to accomplish                        the task described in the recipe’s problem statement
  • How It Works: A longer discourse on the solution and how and why it works, for those who are interested in a                               deeper understanding of the material.

The book’s structure allows you to open it to a chapter relating to a problem you are trying to solve. Then find a recipe in the chapter that solves the problem or that can be adapted to solve the problem. Read the solution. Read the “How It Works” description to fully understand the solution. Then apply the solution to your real-world problem.

Table of Contents

  1. Optimizing Table Performance
  2. Choosing and Optimizing Indexes
  3. Optimizing Instance Memory
  4. Monitoring System Performance
  5. Minimizing System Contention
  6. Analyzing Operating System Performance
  7. Troubleshooting the Database
  8. Creating Efficient SQL
  9. Manually Tuning SQL
  10. Tracing SQL Execution
  11. Automated SQL Tuning
  12. Execution Plan Optimization and Consistency
  13. Configuring the Optimizer
  14. Implementing Query Hints
  15. Executing SQL in Parallel

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