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Network Programming with GoFree Download Network Programming with Go (Essential Skills for Using and Securing Networks) written by Jan Newmarch and published by Apress Media, LLC. 

Author of the Book, Jan Newmarch is head of ICT (higher education) at Box Hill Institute, adjunct professor at Canberra University, and adjunct lecturer in the School of Information Technology, Computing and Mathematics at Charles Sturt University. He is interested in more aspects of computing than he has time to pursue, but the major thrust over the last few years has developed from user interfaces under UNIX into Java, the Web, and then into general distributed systems.

According to the Author, “It’s always fun to learn a new programming language, especially when it turns out to be a major one. Prior to the release of Go in 2009, I was teaching a Master’s level subject in network programming at Monash University. It’s good to have a goal when learning a new language, but this time, instead of building yet another wine cellar program, I decided to orient my lecture notes around Go instead of my (then) standard delivery vehicle of Java. The experiment worked well: apart from the richness of the Java libraries that Go was yet to match, all the programming examples transferred remarkably well, and in many cases were more elegant than the original Java programs.

This book is the result. I have updated it as Go has evolved and as new technologies such as HTTP/2 have arisen. But if it reads like a textbook, well, that is because it is one. There is a large body of theoretical and practical concepts involved in network programming and this book covers some of these as well as the practicalities of building systems in Go. In terms of language popularity, Go is clearly rising. It has climbed to 16th in the TIOBE index, is 18th in the PYPL (Popularity of Programming Language), and is 15th in the RedMonk Programming Language rankings. It is generally rated as one of the fastest growing languages.

This book assumes a basic knowledge of Go. The focus is on using Go to build network applications, not on the basics of the language. Network applications are different than command-line applications, are different than applications with a graphical user interface, and so on.

Table of Contents

  1. Architecture
  2. Overview of the Go Language
  3. Socket-Level Programming
  4. Data Serialization
  5. Application-Level Protocols
  6. Managing Character Sets and Encodings
  7. Security
  8. HTTP
  9. Templates
  10. A Complete Web Server
  11. HTML
  12. XML
  13. Remote Procedure Call
  14. REST
  15. WebSockets

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