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Practical Bot DevelopmentFree Download Practical Bot Development Designing and Building Bots with Node.js and Microsoft Bot Framework Books in PDF written by Szymon Rozga and published by Apress Media, LLC.

Author of this Book, Szymon Rozga has 15 years of hands on experience in the software development industry. He found a passion working on front end applications on Wall Street. The interest in attention to user interface details would take him on a tour of the different user interface technologies on the Windows, Web and iOS/Android platforms. He has managed teams of engineers on a variety of projects and since 2016, he has dedicated his time to building chat bots for clients across text and voice channels.

According to the Author, “In mid-2016, I started work on a fascinating project. A client wanted to have users with type 2 diabetes be able to get advice from an automated coach, in other words, a chat bot. It was a fascinating idea. I had many questions. Why would anyone want to have a natural language conversation with a machine? Is it possible to make this thing smart enough to accomplish its goals? How do you even begin creating a chat bot? Through which means are users supposed to interact with it? When the project ended, we quickly realized that the technologies we just utilized, natural language understanding, Microsoft’s Bot Framework, and custom machine learning models, could serve as the technical base for a wide array of natural language applications between users and computing systems. Natural language interfaces, after all, were all the rage.

Starting around mid-2017, these conversations slowly shifted from educating clients to scoping the development effort for all types of use cases. Clients were starting to apply the technology to solve their business problems. In the second half of 2017, while working on delivering multiple chat bot implementations, a colleague of mine connected me to the editors who would make this book happen. Taking on this project was an easy decision to make; it was a fascinating topic, it was a new space, and it had lots of possibilities. Being slightly on the naïvely optimistic side about a three-month old’s sleep patterns, I jumped on the opportunity. I decided to write the book in the same way I would mentor engineers on the topics. It is divided roughly into three sections.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Chat Bots
  2. Chat Bot Natural Language Understanding
  3. Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS)
  4. Conversation Design
  5. Introducing the Microsoft Bot Framework
  6. Diving into the Bot Builder SDK
  7. Building an Integrated Bot Experience
  8. Extending Channel Functionality
  9. Creating a New Channel Connector
  10. Making the Chat Bot Smarter
  11. Adaptive Cards and Custom Graphics
  12. Human Handoff
  13. Chat Bot Analytics
  14. Applying Our Learnings: Alexa Skills Kit

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