Java for Testers by Alan Richardson

Java for TestersFree Download Java for Testers Book in PDF written by Alan Richardson and published by Compendium Developments Limited, UK. 

Author of the Book, Alan Richardson has worked as a Software professional since 1995 (although it feels longer). Primarily working with Software Testing, although he has written commercial software in C++, and a variety of other languages.

According to the Author, “This book is aimed at people who are approaching Java for the first time, specifically with a view to adding automation to their test approach. I do not cover automation tools in this book. I do cover the basic Java knowledge needed to write and structure code when automating. I primarily wrote this book for software testers, and the approach to learning is oriented around writing automation code to support testing, rather than writing applications. As such it might be useful for anyone learning Java, who wants to learn from a “test first” perspective.

Automation to support testing is not limited to testers anymore, so this book is suitable for anyone wanting to improve their use of Java in automation: managers, business analysts, users, and of course, testers.

Some people may look disparagingly on the text based on the exclusions. So consider this an opinionated introduction to Java because I know that I did not need to use many of those exclusions for the first few years of my automation programming. I maintain that there is a core set of Java that you need in order to start writing automation code and start adding value to automation projects. I aim to cover that core in this book.

Table of Contents

  1. Basics of Java Revealed
  2. Install the Necessary Software
  3. Writing Your First Java Code
  4. Work with Other Classes
  5. Working with Our Own Classes
  6. Java Classes Revisited: Constructors, Fields, Getter & Setter Methods
  7. Basics of Java Revisited
  8. Selections and Decisions
  9. Arrays and For Loop Iteration
  10. Introducing Collections
  11. Introducing Exceptions
  12. Introducing Inheritance
  13. More About Exceptions
  14. JUnit Explored
  15. Strings Revisited
  16. Random Data
  17. Dates and Times
  18. Properties and Property Files
  19. Files
  20. Math and Big Decimal
  21. Collections Revisited
  22. Advancing Concepts
  23. Next Steps
  24. Appendixes

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