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Gamification by DesignFree Download Gamification by Design (Implementing Game Mechanics in Web and Mobile Apps) Book in PDF written by Gabe Zichermann & Christopher Cunningham and published by O’Reilly Media, Inc.

According to the Authors, :Gamification may be a new term, but the idea of using game-thinking and game mechanics to solve problems and engage audiences isn’t exactly new. The military has been using games and simulations for hundreds (if not thousands) of years, and the U.S. military has been a pioneer in the use of video games across  branches. Three hundred years ago, Scottish philosopher David Hume laid the groundwork for understanding player motivation with his views on the primacy of the irrational self. Since the 1960s, authors have been writing books that explore the “gamey” side of life and psychology, while since at least the 1980s, Hollywood has been hot on the trail of gamification with movies like War Games.

And behind all this is our general love affair with games themselves. Play and games are enshrined in our cultural record, emerging with civilizations, always intertwined. We are also now coming to understand that we are hardwired to play, with researchers increasingly discovering the complex relationships between our brains, neural systems, and game play (hint: play and games help you get smarter, faster). There’s even an emerging scientific idea that games can help you live longer by staving off dementia and improving general health.

We wrote this book to help demystify some of the core concepts of game design as they apply to business, written from the perspective of what a marketer, product designer, product manager, or strategist would want to know. In that regard, we are indebted to the work of notable game designers who helped clarify and amplify the process of game design, making it into a quantifiable art and science. We have leveraged their work and refined the concepts to focus on those elements that are most relevant to business. We extracted good and bad patterns from both famous and lesser-known case studies, and we tested our concepts on countless (valiant) real-world customers to arrive at the set of demonstrable, high-impact ideas presented in this book.

Table of Contents

  1. Foundations
  2. Player Motivation.
  3. Game Mechanics: Designing for Engagement (Part I)
  4. Game Mechanics: Designing for Engagement (Part II)
  5. Game Mechanics and Dynamics in Greater Depth
  6. Gamification Case Studies
  7. Tutorial: Coding Basic Game Mechanics
  8. Tutorial: Using an Instant Gamification Platform

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