The C++ Programming Language (Special Edition)

C++ Programming LanguageFree download The C++ Programming Language (Special Edition) in PDF written by Bjarne Stroustrup (The Creator of C++) and published by Addison Wesely.

According to the Author, “I find using C++ more enjoyable than ever. C++’s support for design and programming has improved dramatically over the years, and lots of new helpful techniques have been developed for its use. However, C++ is not just fun. Ordinary practical programmers have achieved significant improvements in productivity, maintainability, flexibility, and quality in projects of just about any kind and scale. By now, C++ has fulfilled most of the hopes I originally had for it, and also succeeded at tasks I hadn’t even dreamt of. This book introduces standard C++† and the key programming and design techniques supported by C++. Standard C++ is a far more powerful and polished language than the version of C++ introduced by the first edition of this book. New language features such as namespaces, exceptions, templates, and run-time type identification allow many techniques to be applied more directly than was possible before, and the standard library allows the programmer to start from a much higher level than the bare language.

About a third of the information in the second edition of this book came from the first. This third edition is the result of a rewrite of even larger magnitude. It offers something to even the most experienced C++ programmer; at the same time, this book is easier for the novice to approach than its predecessors were. The explosion of C++ use and the massive amount of experience accumulated as a result makes this possible.

The primary aim of this book is to help the reader understand how the facilities offered by C++ support key programming techniques. The aim is to take the reader far beyond the point where he or she gets code running primarily by copying examples and emulating programming styles from other languages. Only a good understanding of the ideas behind the language facilities leads to mastery. Supplemented by implementation documentation, the information provided is sufficient for completing significant real-world projects. The hope is that this book will help the reader gain new insights and become a better programmer and designer.

This book consists of six parts:

Introduction: Chapters 1 through 3 give an overview of the C++ language, the key programming styles it supports, and the C++ standard library.

Part I: Chapters 4 through 9 provide a tutorial introduction to C++’s built-in types and the basic facilities for constructing programs out of them.

Part II: Chapters 10 through 15 are a tutorial introduction to object-oriented and generic programming using C++.

Part III: Chapters 16 through 22 present the C++ standard library.

Part IV: Chapters 23 through 25 discuss design and software development issues.

Appendices: Appendices A through E provide language-technical details.

The most important thing to do when learning C++ is to focus on concepts and not get lost in language-technical details. The purpose of learning a programming language is to become a better programmer; that is, to become more effective at designing and implementing new systems and at maintaining old ones. For this, an appreciation of programming and design techniques is far more important than an understanding of details; that understanding comes with time and practice.

Table of Contents

  1. Note to the Reader
  2. A Tour of C++
  3. A Tour of the Standard Library
  4. Type and Declarations
  5. Pointers, Arrays and Structures
  6. Expressions and Statements
  7. Functions
  8. Namespaces and Exceptions
  9. Source Files and Programs
  10. Classes
  11. Operator Overloading
  12. Derived Classes 
  13. Templates
  14. Exception Handling 
  15. Class Hierarchies
  16. Library Organization and Containers
  17. Standard Containers
  18. Algorithms and Functions Objects
  19. Iterators and Allocations
  20. Strings
  21. Streams
  22. Numerics
  23. Development and Design
  24. Design and Programming
  25. Roles of Classes
  26. Appendices

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