PHP Objects, Patterns and Practice(3rd Edition)

PHP Objects, Patterns and PracticeFree download PHP Objects, Patterns and Practice Third Edition in PDF written by Matt Zandstra (Senior Developer at Yahoo) and published by Apress.

According to the Author, “When I first had the idea for PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice, I felt I was swimming against the tide. Many pattern implementations in PHP felt like glorified workarounds due to limitations in the language. These days, though, it can be hard to keep up with pace of innovation in PHP objects, design, and project practice. If that’s a problem, well, it’s the kind you want to have. Especially if you have the tools at hand to navigate the risks and opportunities that present themselves.  PHP continues to tick items off the object-oriented developer’s wish list. Since the last edition of this book, we have seen namespaces make it into the language, late static binding, anonymous functions, and closures (if those don’t yet mean anything to you, don’t worry, they’re all covered by this book). PHP is an active language, constantly evolving to meet the needs of its users.  

For a developer, this presents some interesting challenges. Not least, the tension between a stable code base and the desire to take advantage of the goodies that every new release brings. With a good suite of tests, preferably run automatically, tools for collaboration, and an easily installed system, you can improve the design of your code, play with new features, and be fairly sure that you’re not breaking stuff.

That’s what this book is really about. It’s about taking an idea and shaping it, and the pleasure to be found in the process. It’s about the shapes of a system in your imagination, and the satisfaction when these shapes are expressed in code. And then again when the system actually works. It’s about the freedom that tests give you to take risks, and the risks that your imagination inspires you to take. It’s the moment that something you wrote becomes real in the eyes of another.

Table of Contents

  1. PHP: Design and Management
  2. PHP and Objects
  3. Object Basics
  4. Advanced Features
  5. Advanced Tools
  6. Objects and Design
  7. What are Design Patterns? Why Use Them?
  8. Some Pattern Principles
  9. Generating Objects
  10. Patterns for Flexible Object Programming
  11. Performing and Representing Tasks
  12. Enterprise Patterns
  13. Database Patterns
  14. Good and Bad Practice
  15. An Introduction to PEAR and Pyrus 
  16. Generating Documentation with phpDocumentor
  17. Versions Control with Subversion
  18. Testing with PHPUnit
  19. Automated Build with Phing
  20. Continuous Integration
  21. Conclusion: Object, Pattern and Practice
  22. Appendixes

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