Html & CSS: The Complete Reference(5th Edition)

HTML and CSS Complete ReferenceFree download HTML & CSS: The Complete Reference, Fifth Edition in PDF written by Thomas A. Powell and published by Mc Graw Hill. 

According to the Author, ” The fifth edition of this book might as well be the first edition of a brand new book. The HTML5 specification marks a return to past ideas and an explosion of future ideas. It took a great deal of work to put this new edition together. Given the amount of effort required, I want to make sure that all those that helped are given their due. First, I want to acknowledge the numerous fixes and improvements that came from the feedback from both my students at UCSD and readers around the world. I write these books for you, and I am glad you are putting this information to good use.

The fifth edition of this book represents a significant change in structure and content to address HTML5. The book is similar to the previous edition in maybe a third of the content; otherwise, it is an all-new effort. Most obviously, as compared to the previous editions, which focused mainly on XHTML and HTML 4, this edition focuses on HTML5, which represents both a return to the markup past and the unveiling of an exciting future of Web applications. However, we do retain some information from previous editions because in order for this work to be truly complete, we must not focus only on the future but also present all the elements supported in browsers today, including the archaic, proprietary, and standard (X)HTML tags. These will still be encountered for years to come, and we want this book to provide the reference you need in addressing their syntax.  

CSS coverage has been expanded greatly to fully cover CSS 2.1 as well as every proprietary and emerging CSS 3 property supported in one or more popular shipping browsers circa 2009. No value judgment is made; if Internet Explorer has supported a proprietary CSS feature for the last decade, it’s included. However, we do avoid presenting CSS features that are truly speculative in great depth, but where appropriate, we summarize or present pointers to the emerging syntax.

Table of Contents

  1. Core Markup: Traditional HTML and XHTML
  2. Introducing HTML5
  3. HTML and XHTML Element Reference
  4. Core Style: Introduction to CSS
  5. CSS Syntax and Property Reference
  6. CSS3 Proprietary and Emerging Features
  7. Appendixes

             A. Character Entities

             B. Fonts

             C. Colors

             D. URLs 

             E. Reading a Document Type Definition

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