Developing AR Games for iOS and Android

Developing AR Games for iOS and AndroidFree Download Developing AR Games for iOS and Android (Develop and deploy augmented reality apps using Vuforia SDK and Unity 3D) Book in PDF written by Dominic Cushnan and Hassan El Habbak & Published by Packt Publishing.  

According to the Authors, “In this book, we will be introduced to augmented reality, and how to achieve it using powerful but simple tools. Using the free license of Vuforia and Unity 3D, we will see how the two technologies can seamlessly entwine and produce amazing results. We will learn how to design a great augmented reality experience that will immerse users and not feel foreign when augmented on the real world. Augmented reality became increasingly reliable with recent advancements in the field; we will learn how to use that potential in most efficient way.

This book is for anyone with basic to advanced programming experience, who is interested in AR and game development. In a booming smartphones industry, this book is for anyone looking for entry into the immersive mobile experience using interactive games and AR.

What this book covers?

Chapter 1, What is Augmented Reality?, will explain what is augmented reality, and what is its past, present, and future.
Chapter 2, Setting Up the Environment, will cover how to set up the environment necessary for AR using Unity 3D and Vuforia, and also how to deploy AR on iOS and Android devices.
Chapter 3, Understanding Vuforia, will go through the components of Vuforia and how they work together to achieve augmented reality.
Chapter 4, Trackables and Tracking, will explain how to create Trackables for Vuforia and how to optimize them to achieve highest tracking scores.
Chapter 5, Advanced Augmented Reality, will introduce how to make fully-functional AR games using Unity and Vuforia.

In this book, you will find a number of styles of text that distinguish among different kinds of information. 

Table of Contents

  1. What is Augmented Reality?
  2. Setting Up the Environment
  3. Understanding Vuforia
  4. Trackables and Tracking
  5. Advanced Augmented Reality

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