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Cloud ComputingFree download Cloud Computing book in pdf written by Sandeep Bhowmik and published by Cambridge University Press.

The future often arrives silently. In the digital world, cloud computing which emerged silently, has already made a significant place of its own and has shown enough potential to be the future of computing. The advantages it offers are plenty, and this is what makes cloud computing revolutionary. Books on this evolving subject started appearing in the market towards the end of the last decade. A handful of books have been published so far, and they provide useful resource material. While a few among them have been written in order to discuss conceptual aspects of the subject, others have been written from research or application perspective. As the research or application oriented books serve specific purposes only, they are not appropriate for general readers of the subject.

It is not a single technology; rather, it is a combination of multiple technologies. Hence, it is necessary to understand all those individual technologies in order to understand cloud computing as a whole. This book is written from conceptual perspective, for the sake of new learners of the subject, and it tries to fill the void for a book covering all the fundamentals in detail, with simplified explanations in a learner friendly manner.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Evolution and Enabling Technologies
  3. Benefits and Challenges
  4. Cloud Computing Model
  5. Cloud Computing Services
  6. Security Reference Model
  7. Resource Virtualization
  8. Resource Pooling, Sharing and Provisioning
  9. Scaling in the Cloud
  10. Capacity Planning
  11. Load Balancing
  12. Service-Oriented Architecture
  13. File System and Storage
  14. Database Technology
  15. Content Delivery Network
  16. Security Issues
  17. Privacy and Compliance Issues
  18. Portability and Interoperability Issues
  19. Cloud Management and a Programming Model Case Study
  20. Popular Cloud Services
  21. Mobile Cloud Computing and The Internet of Things

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