Cloud Computing Theory and Practice

Cloud Computing Theory and Practice PDFCloud Computing Theory and Practice by Dan C. Marinescu is a complete textbook that delves deep into the theoretical and practical aspects of cloud computing. It caters to a diverse audience, encompassing students and IT professionals seeking a thorough understanding of this transformative technology.

The book commences by establishing a solid foundation, first exploring the evolution of parallel computing and distributed systems. It then delves into the contemporary cloud infrastructure landscape, dissecting the architectures and deployment strategies employed by tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Apple. Marinescu doesn’t limit himself to theory. He extends his reach to the practical world, showcasing how cloud computing is being utilized in various domains, including healthcare, banking, and scientific research. The book delves into specific cloud-based projects, offering valuable insights into their design and implementation.

The book provides a detailed examination of cloud computing from its fundamental principles to advanced concepts like resource management, security, and energy consumption. Marinescu equips readers with practical knowledge through a set of “recipes” that simplify the deployment of cloud-based systems. These recipes cater to diverse applications, fostering a hands-on learning experience. The book doesn’t shy away from addressing the ethical concerns surrounding cloud computing, prompting readers to think critically about data privacy, security, and the societal implications of this technology.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Parallel and Distributed Systems 
  3. Cloud Infrastructure
  4. Cloud Computing: Applications and Paradigms
  5. Cloud Resource Virtualization
  6. Cloud Resource Management and Scheduling
  7. Networking Support
  8. Storage Systems
  9. Cloud Security
  10. Complex Systems and Self-Organization
  11. Cloud Application Development

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