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Databases: A beginners guideFree download Databases: A Beginners Guide in PDF written by Andrew J. Oppel and Published by The McGraw Hill Companies.

According to the Author, ” Thirty-five years ago, databases were found only in special research laboratories, where computer scientists struggled with ways to make them efficient and useful, publishing their findings in countless research papers. Today databases are a ubiquitous part of the information technology (IT) industry and business in general. We directly and indirectly use databases every day—banking transactions, travel reservations, employment relationships, website searches, online and offline purchases, and most other transactions are recorded in and served by databases. As is the case with many fast-growing technologies, industry standards have lagged behind in the development of database technology, resulting in myriad commercial products, each following a particular software vendor’s vision. Moreover, a number of different database models have emerged, with the relational model being the most prevalent. Databases: A Beginner’s Guide examines all of the major database models,
including hierarchical, network, relational, object-oriented, and object-relational. This book concentrates heavily on the relational and object-relational models, however, because these are the mainstream of the IT industry and will likely remain so in the foreseeable future.

This book focuses on the transformation of requirements into a working data model with special emphasis on a process called normalization, which has proven to be an effective technique for designing relational databases. In fact, normalization can be applied successfully to other database models. And, in keeping with the notion that you cannot design an automobile if you have never driven one, the
Structured Query Language (SQL) is introduced so that the reader may “drive” a database before delving into the details of designing one.

Table of Contents: 

  1. Database Fundamentals
  2. Exploring Relational Database Components
  3. Forms-Based Database Queries
  4. Introduction to SQL
  5. The Database Lie Cycle
  6. Database Design using Normalization
  7. Data Processing Modeling
  8. Physical Database Design
  9. Connecting Databases to the Outside World
  10. Database Security
  11. Deploying Databases
  12. Databases for Online Analytical Processing
  13. Integrating XML Documents and Objects into Databases
  14. Appendices

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