C++ Without Fear, 3rd Edition

C++ without FearFree download C++ Without Fear, 3rd Edition book in PDF written by Brian Overland and published by Prentice Hall, Pearson Education, Inc.

According to the Author, “It’s safe to say that C++ is the most important programming language in the world today. This language is widely used to create commercial applications, ranging from operating systems to word processors. There was a time when big applications had to be written in machine code because there was little room in a computer for anything else. But that time has long passed. C++, the successor to the original C language, remains true to the goal of producing efficient programs while maximizing programmer productivity. It typically produces executable files second in compactness only to machine code, but it enables you to get far more done. More often than not, C++ is the language of choice for professionals.

But it sometimes gets a reputation for not being the easiest to learn. That’s the reason for this book. The purpose of the third edition is simple: double down on the strengths of past editions and correct limitations. In particular, this edition aims at being more fun and easier to use than ever. Most of the features of the previous edition remain, but the focus is more on the practical (and entertaining) use of C++ and object orientation, and not as much on esoteric features that see little use. For example, I assume you won’t want to write your own string class, because all up-to-date C++ compilers have provided this feature for a long time now.

In this edition, the Author also put more stress on “correct” programming practices that have become standard, or nearly so, in the C++ community. This edition of the book starts out by focusing on successful installation and usage of the Microsoft C++ compiler, Community Edition. If you have another C++ compiler you’re happy with, fine. You can use that because the great majority of examples are written in generic C++. The first chapter, however, guides you through the process of using the Microsoft compiler with Visual Studio, if you’ve never used them before.

Table of Contents

  1. Start Using C++
  2. Decisions, Decisions
  3. And Even More Decisions!
  4. The Handy, All-Purpose “for” Statement
  5. Functions: Many Are Called
  6. Arrays: All in a Row
  7. Pointers: Data by Location
  8. Strings: Analyzing the Text
  9. Files: Electronic Storage
  10. Classes and Objects
  11. Constructors: If You Build It
  12. Two Complete OOP Examples
  13. Easy Programming with STL
  14. Object-Oriented Monty Hall
  15. Object-Oriented Poker
  16. Polymorphic Poker
  17. New Features of C++14
  18. Operator Functions: Doing It with Class
  19. Operators
  20. Data Types
  21. Appendixes

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