C++ Weekend Crash Course

C++ Weekend Crash CourseFree Download C++ Weekend Crash Course Book in PDF written by Stephen R. Davis and published by IDG Books Worldwide, Inc.

According to the Author, “C++ Weekend Crash Course teaches the reader C++ in one admittedly busy weekend: 30 sessions of a half-hour each, for 15 hours stretching from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. At the end of each part of the book, you’ll get a chance to pause, reflect, and review what you’ve just learned before pushing on through the rest. 


What is C++?

C++ is the most popular programming language in use today. C++ is used in applications from the micro-programs that drive your microwave oven, your clothes washer and your TV up through the huge, hardcore programs that control nuclear missiles and Mars rockets—heh, you can’t blame the Mars rockets on C++.

In the late 1980s C began to show signs of age. For one, C does not support the object-oriented programming style. At the time, the object-oriented wave was taking the world by storm. Employers were throwing money at object-oriented programmers. All you had to do was work the phrase “new paradigm” into the conversation in order to gather a crowd of admirers. The problem was that every program worth its salt was written in C (there were a few programs written in Pascal like early versions of Windows, but they don’t count—if you are familiar with the earliest versions of Windows, you know why). There was no way that companies were going to rewrite all that code just to ride
the object-oriented wave.

C++ is a superset of C. Any well written C program can be rebuilt with a C++ tool to generate a working program. That meant the companies could upgrade their software in pieces. Existing code could remain in C while new code adopted the extra features of C++.


C++ Weekend Crash Course is intended for the beginner through the intermediate reader. This book serves the beginner by not assuming any knowledge of programming or programming concepts. The first few lessons go over real-world, non-techie explanations of what programming is. This book is also great for the home programmer. The multiple examples demonstrate programming techniques used in modern, high speed programs. The serious programmer or student needs C++ in his quiver of programming skills. The ability to speak knowledgeably of C++ can make the difference between getting that job and not.

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