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The Full Stack DeveloperFree Download The Full Stack Developer Your Essential Guide to the Everyday Skills Expected of a Modern Full Stack Web Developer Book in PDF written by Chris Northwood and Published by Apress Media LLC.

Chris Northwood, Author of the book is a senior engineer working for BBC Research & Development, the research arm of the world’s largest public service broadcaster. Chris’ career began with computer science degrees from the University of York (BEng) and the University of Sheffield (MSc), and he has worked for major organizations including Thought Works and the University of Oxford, as well as many freelance clients.

The electronic computer, the Internet, and the World Wide Web are the greatest inventions of our time, and we are lucky to be working on the crest of the wave that the impact of these inventions is having on society. Developers have typically worked in technology companies, or inside technology departments of other organizations, but as the earliest developers are now retiring, the latest generation is finding employment in many different areas. The term “digital industry” is often used to describe more traditional businesses that are waking up to the potential that technologists have paved the way for. For these organizations, technology is not just a cost center and a utility, but a core part of whatever business they’re in, even if the services or products they provide are not technological in nature.

For developers working on these digital teams, deep technical knowledge is less important than knowledge of the business and organization, and speed of delivery becomes key. Getting something out there three weeks early can give a digital organization an edge over its competitors, and with communication being one of the greatest overheads in development, it becomes advantageous for a development team to be able to implement all parts of a new feature, or to fix a bug that impacts multiple components, without having to negotiate with another team to do so. The developers working on these teams are sometimes referred to as T-shaped, because their breadth of knowledge is just as important as any depth of technical specialty they may have. Similarly, when software fails, having a team operating the software that is separate from the team that builds it increases the communication overhead.

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