Rails, Angular, Postgres, and Bootstrap

Rails, Angular, Postgres, and BootstrapFree Download Rails, Angular, Postgres, and Bootstrap Powerful, Effective, and Efficient Full-Stack Web Development Book in PDF written by David Bryant Copeland and Published by The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC.

Think about what part of an application you’re most comfortable working with. If you’re a Rails developer, there’s a good chance you prefer the back end, the Ruby code that powers the business logic of your application. What if you felt equally comfortable working with the database, such as tweaking queries and using advanced features of your database system? What if you were also comfortable working with the JavaScript and CSS necessary to make dynamic, usable, attractive user interfaces?

If you had that level of comfort at every level of the application stack, you would possess great power as a developer to quickly produce high-quality software. Your ability to solve problems would not be restricted by the tools available via a single framework, nor would you be at the mercy of hard-to find specialists to help you with what are, in reality, simple engineering tasks.

According to the Author, “In this book, we’re going to focus on PostgreSQL (or simply Postgres) as our data store—the bottom of the stack—and AngularJS (or just Angular) with Bootstrap as our front end—the top of the stack. Each of these technologies is widely used and very powerful. You’re likely to encounter them in the real world, and they each underscore the sorts of features you can use to deliver great software outside of what you get with Rails.

In each chapter, we’ll highlight the parts of the stack we’ll be focusing on and call out the various aspects of these technologies you’ll be learning. Not every chapter will focus on all parts of the stack, so at the start of each chapter, you’ll see a roadmap like this of what you’ll be learning.

This book covers a lot of advanced topics in web development. However, Author’s hope is that you can get a lot out of it regardless of your skill level. Nevertheless, the code and concepts are written assuming some basic exposure to the topics at hand. To get ready to follow along, you don’t have to do much to get yourself set up. You’ll just need to install Ruby, Rails, and Postgres.

Table of Contents

  1. Create a Great-Looking Login with Bootstrap and Devise
  2. Secure the Login Database with Postgres Constraints
  3. Use Fast Queries with Advanced Postgres Indexes
  4. Create Clean Search Results with Bootstrap Components
  5. Build a Dynamic UI with AngularJS
  6. Test This Fancy New Code
  7. Create a Single-Page App Using Angular’s Router
  8. Design Great UIs with Bootstrap’s Grid and Components
  9. Cache Complex Queries Using Materialized Views
  10. Asynchronously Load Data from Many Sources
  11. Wrangle Forms and Validations with Angular
  12. Dig Deeper

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