Practical C++ Programming

Practical C++ ProgrammingFree download Practical C++ Programming in PDF written by Steve Oualline and Published by O’Reilly & Associates, Inc.

According to the Author, ” This book is devoted to practical C++ programming. It teaches you not only the mechanics of the language, but also style and debugging. The entire life cycle of a program is discussed,
including conception, design, writing, debugging, release, documentation, maintenance, and revision.
Style is emphasized. Creating a good program involves more than just typing code. It is an art in which writing and programming skills blend to form a masterpiece. A well-written program not only functions correctly, but also is simple and easy to understand. Comments allow programmers to include descriptive text in their programs. Clearly written, well-commented
programs are highly prized.

A program should be as simple as possible. Avoid the use of clever tricks. Cleverness and complexity can kill programs. This book stresses simple, practical rules. For example, the 15 operator-precedence rules in C++ can be simplified to 2:

  • Multiply and divide before you add and subtract.
  • Put parentheses around everything else.

Consider two programs. One was written by a clever programmer, using all the tricks. The program contains no comments, but it works. The other is nicely commented and well structured, but doesn’t work. Which program is more useful? In the long run, the ”broken” one is more useful because it can be fixed and maintained easily. Although the clever one works now, sooner or later it will have to be modified. The hardest work you will ever have to do is modifying a cleverly written program.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is C++?
  2. The Basics of Program Writing
  3. Style
  4. Basic Declarations and Expressions
  5. Arrays, Qualifiers, and Reading Numbers
  6. Decision and Control Statements
  7. The Programming Process
  8. More Control Statements
  9. Variable Scope and Functions
  10. The C++ Preprocessor
  11. Bit Operations
  12. Advanced Types
  13. Simple Classes
  14. More on Classes
  15. Simple Pointers
  16. File Input/Output
  17. Debugging and Optimization
  18. Operator Overloading
  19. Floating Point
  20. Advanced Pointers
  21. Advanced Classes
  22. Exceptions
  23. Modular Programming
  24. Templates
  25. Portability Problems
  26. Putting It All Together
  27. From C to C++
  28. C++’s Dustier Corners
  29. Programming Adages
  30. Appendixes

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