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MySQL For PythonFree download MySQL for Python Book in PDF Written by Albert Lukaszewki and Published by Packt Publishing Ltd.

According to the Author, “Python is a dynamic programming language, which is completely enterprise ready, owing largely to the variety of support modules that are available to extend its capabilities. In order to build productive and feature-rich Python applications, we need to use MySQL for Python, a module that provides database support to
our applications.

This book demonstrates how to boost the productivity of your Python applications by integrating them with the MySQL database server, the world’s most powerful open source database. It will teach you to access the data on your MySQL database server easily with Python’s library for MySQL using a practical, hands-on approach. Leaving theory to the classroom, this book uses real-world code to solve real-world problems with real-world solutions.

The book starts by exploring the various means of installing MySQL for Python on different platforms and how to use simple database querying techniques to improve your programs. It then takes you through data insertion, data retrieval, and error-handling techniques to create robust programs. The book also covers automation of both database and user creation, and administration of access controls. As the book progresses, you will learn to use many more advanced features of Python for MySQL that facilitate effective administration of your database through Python. Every chapter is illustrated with a project that you
can deploy in your own situation.

By the end of this book, you will know several techniques for interfacing
your Python applications with MySQL effectively so that powerful database management through Python becomes easy to achieve and easy to maintain.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Up and Running with MySQL for Python
  2. Simple Querying
  3. Simple Insertion
  4. Exception Handling
  5. Results Record-by-Record
  6. Inserting Multiple Entries
  7. Creating and Dropping
  8. Creating Users and Granting Access
  9. Data and Time Values
  10. Aggregate Functions and Clauses
  11. Select Alternatives
  12. Showing MySQL Metadata
  13. Disaster Recovery

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