Operating Systems Internals and Design Principles 7th Edition

Operating SystemsFree download Operating Systems Internal and Design Principles (7th edition) in PDF written  by William Stallings and published by Pearson.

According to the Author, “This books is about the concepts, structure and mechanism of operating systems. Its purpose is to present as clearly and completely as possible, the nature and characteristics of modern day operating systems. This task is challenging for several reasons. There is a tremendous range and variety of computer systems for which operating systems are designed. The variety is not just in the capacity and speed of machines, but in applications and system support requirements as well. The rapid pace of change that has always characterized computer system continuously. A number of key areas in operating system design are of recent origin, and research into these and other new areas continuous. To be sure, the application of these concepts depends on the current state of technology and the particular application requirements. 

As with every new edition of Operating Systems Internals and Design Principles the book has undergone a great many changes as we strive to keep the content current, and to improve the clarity and effectiveness of the text, the art, and the exercises. Among the myriad changes there are certain points of emphasis that we use to organize and guide the revision process.In creating the 7th edition our revision was organized around the following points:   

  • The seventh edition provides details on Windows 7 internals in all of the the key technology areas covered in this book, including process, thread management, scheduling, memory management, security, file systems, and I/O.
  • The seventh edition now includes coverage of what has become the most prevalent new development in computer systems: the use of multiple processors on a single chip. At appropriate points in the book, operating system issues related to the use of a multi-core organization are explored. Chapter 2 now includes a section on virtual machines, which outlines the various approaches that have been implemented commercially.  Chapter 10 now includes a discussion of the FreeBSD scheduling algorithm, designed for use with multiprocessor and multi-core systems, and Linux V Server scheduling for a virtual machine environment. SOA is a form of client/server architecture that now enjoys widespread use in enterprise systems. SOA is now covered in Chapter 16 . 
  • Two new chapters review key topics in these areas to provide background for OS performance analysis.
  • B-trees: This is a technique for organizing indexes into files and databases that is commonly used in OS file systems, including those supported by Mac OS X, Windows, and several Linux file systems. B-trees are now covered in Chapter 12.  
  • Each chapter now begins with a list of learning objectives. In addition, a chapter-by-chapter set of review outlines highlights key concepts that the student should concentrate on in each chapter. Sample syllabus: The text contains more material than can be conveniently covered in one semester. Accordingly, instructors are provided with several sample syllabic that guide the use of the text within limited time (e.g., 16 weeks or 12 weeks). These samples are based on real-world experience by professors with the sixth edition. 
Table of Content
  1. Computer System Overview, Basic Elements, Evolution of microprocessor
  2. Operating System Overview, Objectives and Functions
  3. Process Description and Control
  4. Threads, Processes
  5. Concurrency: Mutual Exclusion and Synchronization
  6. Concurrency: Deadlock and Starvation
  7. Memory Management
  8. Virtual Memory
  9. Scheduling: Uni-processor Scheduling
  10.  Multi-Processor and real time Scheduling
  11. I/O Management and Disk Scheduling
  12. File Management
  13. Embedded Operating Systems
  14. Computer Security Threats
  15. Computer Security Techniques
  16. Distributed Processing, Client/Server , and Clusters
  17. Appendices

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