Learning C# by Programming Games, 2nd Edition

Learning C# by Programming GamesFree Download Learning C# by Programming Games, 2nd Edition in PDF written by Wouter van Toll, Arjan Egges & Jeroen D. Fokker and published by Springer.

As Per Writers, “If you are reading this, then we assume that you are interested in learning how to develop your own computer games. If you do not yet know how to program, don’t worry! Developing computer games is actually a perfect way to learn how to program in modern programming languages. This book will teach you how to program in C# without requiring any previous programming experience. It does so through the creation of computer games.

In our opinion, C# is the language of choice if you want to learn how to program. The language is very well structured, it contains many modern features, and it is used a lot for game development and software development in general. Compared to Java (another popular programming language), some things are slightly easier to understand in C#. Also, once you understand how C# works, it is relatively easy to move to C++, which is still one of the most important programming languages in the game industry.

Target Audience

This book is aimed at people who:

  • are interested in game programming,
  • have little to no programming experience so far,
  • want to know how programming really works in general, so that they can use this knowledge in other places as well.

Using games as a guideline, this book will teach you the most important elements of object-oriented programming in C#. You’ll also learn about programming on a more abstract level, so that you can easily teach yourself other programming languages in the future.

Table of Contents

  1. Building Your First Game Application
  2. What Is Programming?
  3. Game Programming Basics
  4. Creating a Game World
  5. Showing What the Player Is Doing
  6. Reacting to Player Input
  7. Basic Game Objects
  8. Communication and Interaction Between Objects
  9. A Limited Number of Lives
  10. Organizing Game Objects
  11. Finishing the Game
  12. Dealing with Different Screen Sizes
  13. Arrays and Collections
  14. Game Objects in a Structure
  15. Gameplay Programming
  16. Finishing the Game
  17. Better Game State Management
  18. User Interfaces and Menus
  19. Loading Levels from Files
  20. Gameplay Programming
  21. Finishing the Game
  22. Creating the Main Game Structure
  23. Animated Game Objects
  24. Game Physics
  25. Intelligent Enemies
  26. Finishing the Game

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