C# in Depth, 4th Edition

C# in DepthFree download C# (C sharp) in Depth Fourth Edition in PDF written by Jon Skeet and published by Manning Publication Co.

According to the Author, “Welcome to the fourth edition of C# in Depth. When I wrote the first edition, I had little idea I’d be writing a fourth edition of the same title 10 years later. Now, it wouldn’t surprise me to find myself writing another edition in 10 years. Since the first edition, the designers of the C# language have repeatedly proved that they’re dedicated to evolving the language for as long as the industry is interested in it.

This is important, because the industry has changed a lot in the last 10 years. As a reminder, both the mobile ecosystem (as we know it today) and cloud computing were still in their infancy in 2008. Amazon EC2 was launched in 2006, and Google AppEngine was launched in 2008. Xamarin was launched by the Mono team in 2011. Docker didn’t show up until 2013.

About This Book

This book is about the language of C#. That often means going into some details of the runtime responsible for executing your code and the libraries that support your application, but the focus is firmly on the language itself.

The goal of the book is to make you as comfortable as possible with C# so you never need to feel you’re fighting against it. I want to help you feel you are fluent in C#, with the associated connotations of working in a fluid and flowing way. Think of C# as a river in which you’re paddling a kayak. The better you know the river, the faster you’ll be able to travel with its flow. Occasionally, you’ll want to paddle upstream for some reason; even then, knowing how the river moves will make it easier to reach your target without capsizing.

Table of Contents

  1. Survival of the sharpest
  2. C# 2
  3. C# 3: LINQ and everything that comes with it
  4. C# 4: Improving interoperability
  5. Writing asynchronous code
  6. Async implementation
  7. C# 5 bonus features
  8. Super-sleek properties and expression-bodied members
  9. Stringy features
  10. A smorgasbord of features for concise code
  11. Composition using tuples
  12. Deconstruction and pattern matching
  13. Improving efficiency with more pass by reference
  14. Concise code in C# 7
  15. C# 8 and beyond

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