Java Network Programming and Distributed Computing

Java Network ProgrammingFree download Java Network Programming and Distributed Computing in PDF written by David Reilly, Michael Reilly and published by Addison Wesely.

According to the Authors, “Welcome to Java Network Programming and Distributed Computing. The goal of this book is to introduce and explain the basic concepts of networking and discuss the practical aspects of Java network programming. This book will help readers get up to speed with network programming and employ the techniques learned in software development. If you’ve had some networking experience in another language and want to apply your existing skills to Java, you’ll find the book to be an accelerated guide and a comprehensive reference to the networking API. This book does not require you to be a networking guru, however, as Chapters 1–4 provide a gentle introduction to networking theory, Java, and the most basic elements of the Java networking API. In later chapters, the Java API is covered in greater detail, with a discussion supplementing the documentation that Sun Micro systems provides as a reference.  A minimal amount of additional software is required, and most of the tools for Java programming are available for free and downloadable via the WWW. Chapter 2 includes an overview of Java development tools, but readers can also use their existing code editor. Readers will be advised when examples feature additional Sun Micro systems software. 

In this book, readers will learn how to write applications in Java that make use of network programming. The Java API provides many ways to communicate over the Internet, from sending packets and streams of data to employing higher-level application protocols such as HTTP and distributed computing mechanisms. A reasonable familiarity with Java programming is required to get the most out of this book. You’ll need to be able to compile and run Java applications and to understand basic concepts such as classes, objects, and the Java API. However, you don’t need to be an expert with respect to the more advanced topics covered herein, such as I/O streams and multi-threading. All examples use a text interface, so there’s no need to have GUI experience. 

Table of Contents

  1. Networking Theory
  2. java Overview
  3. Internet Addressing
  4. Data Streams
  5. User Datagram Protocol
  6. Transmission Control Protocol
  7. Multi-Threaded Applications
  8. Implementing Application Protocols
  9. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
  10. Java Servlets
  11. Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
  12. Java IDL and CORBA
  13. Java Mail

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