MySQL/PHP Database Applications (2nd Edition)

MySQL/PHP Database AppsFree download MySQL/PHP Database Application Second Edition in PDF written by Brad Bulgar, Jay Greenspan, David Wall and published by Willy Publishing, Inc. 

According to the Authors, “If you are thumbing through these pages, you’re probably considering writing Web-based applications with PHP and MySQL. If you decide to go with these tools, you’ll be in excellent company. Thousands of developers—from total newbies to programmers with years of experience—are turning to PHP and MySQL for their Web-based projects, and for good reason. Both PHP and MySQL are easy to use, fast, free, and powerful. If you want to get a dynamic Web site up quickly, there are no better choices. The PHP scripting language was built for the Web. All the tasks common to Web development can be performed in PHP with an absolute minimum of effort. Similarly, MySQL excels at tasks common to dynamic Web sites. Whether you’re creating a content-management system or an e-commerce application, MySQL is a great choice for your data storage.

The focus of this book is applications development. We are concerned with what it takes to get data-driven Web sites up and running in an organized and efficient way. The book does not go into arcane detail of every aspect of either of these tools. For example, in this book you will not find a discussion of PHP’s LDAP functions or MySQL’s C application program interface (API). Instead, we focus on the pieces of both packages that affect one another. We hope that by the time you’re done with this book you’ll know what it takes to get an application up and running using PHP and MySQL.

This book is organized in following five parts.

  1. Working with MySQL
  2. Working with PHP
  3. Simple Applications
  4. Not So Simple Applications
  5. Appendixes

Web applications are the present and the future. No matter your background, whether you have a history with Visual Basic or COBOL, or maybe just some HTML and JavaScript, your resume is only going to improve with some Web application development experience.

Table of Contents

  1. Database Design with MySQL
  2. The Structure Query Language for Creating and Altering Tables
  3. The Structure Query Language for Inserting, Editing and Selecting Data
  4. Getting Started with PHP – Variables
  5. Control Structures
  6. PHP’s Built-in Functions
  7. Writing Organized and Readable Code
  8. Guestbook 2003, the (Semi-) Bulletproof Guestbook
  9. Survey
  10. Threaded Discussion 
  11. Content Management System
  12. Catalog
  13. Problem Tracking System
  14. Shopping Cart
  15. XML Parsing
  16. SOAP
  17.  Project Management
  18. Appendixes

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