An Introduction to Web Development and Programming

An Introduction to Web DevelopmentFree download The Missing Link An Introduction to Web Development and Programming in PDF written by Michael Mendez and published by Open Suny Textbooks.  

According to the Author, ” When I began creating course materials of my own, I carried with me an acute awareness of several things. First, the volume of free, online reference materials including video tutorials, community groups, and books (now including this text) is so far greater than what a single printed volume could handle, that the idea of creating a comprehensive source seemed laughably redundant. Second, many of the texts that march across my desk for review each semester focus primarily on the underpinnings of a particular language, while spending little time introducing or reinforcing the methodology and general practice of the language in question. While this allows those authors to delve deeper into limited topics, I have found that focusing on how languages relate and intertwine is often more beneficial, especially when just beginning to study web development. Studying languages independent of one another does little to prepare a programmer for complex systems involving multiple languages.

We will examine web development in a full stack approach; the premise behind the phrase “full stack developer” is that the person has an understanding of all of the elements necessary to create and run a website. The topics included below all lend themselves towards this goal by touching each aspect of the process.

  • Web Development
  • Document Markup
  • Scripting Languages
  • Data Storage
  • Tying it Together

Table of Contents

  1. Brief History of the Internet
  2. Current Trends
  3. Web Servers
  4. Network Basics
  5. Website Design
  6. Development
  7. Document Markup: Markup Languages
  8. Creating HTML files
  9. Page Layout
  10. Text Layout
  11. Navigation
  12. Graphics
  13. Tables
  14. Forms
  15. Canvas
  16. Media Support
  17. Mobile Device Support
  18. Tags to Avoid
  19. Rule Structure
  20. Layout Formatting
  21. Font and Text Decoration
  22. Responsive Styling
  23. Scripting Languages: Server-Side and Client-Side Scripting
  24. Creating PHP Files
  25. PHP Errors
  26. PHP Output
  27. Data Storage
  28. Data Manipulation
  29. Email
  30. File Interaction
  31. Structures
  32. Functions
  33. Objects and Classes
  34. JavaScript Syntax
  35. JavaScript Examples
  36. jQuery
  37. Persistent Data Storage: Database Types
  38. Data Relationships
  39. MySQL Data Types
  40. Normalization
  41. MySQL CRUD Actions
  42. Advanced Queries
  43. Tying it Together: Security
  44. Integration Examples
  45. Finishing Touches
  46. Now What?
  47. Index

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