Databases, Types and The Relational Model (3rd Edition)

Databases,Types and Relational ModelFree download Databases, Types and The Relational Model (3rd Edition) in PDF written by C.J Date, Huge Darwan and published by Addison-Wesley Publishers.

According to the Authors, “This is a text book on database management. It is based on our earlier book Foundation for Future Database Systems: The Third Manifesto (Addison-Wesley,2000), but it has been thoroughly revised—indeed, completely rewritten—from start to finish. Part of our reason for wanting to revise it was to make it mores suitable as a text book (thee earlier book, by contrast ,was quite terse and formal and not very easy to read); in particular, most chapters now include a set of exercises, answers to which can be found on the website (Much other relevant material can be found on that website also,including in particular information regarding prototype implementations of Tutorial D,q.v.). However,we have naturally taken the opportunity to incorporate many other changes as well,including numerous clarifications,a certain amount of restructuring,many more examples,and—we regret to have to say—quite a few corrections also. Like its predecessor, the book is organized a round the ideas of The Third Manifesto. As Chapter 1 explains in more detail, The Third Manifesto—the Manifesto for short—is a proposal for a foundation for data and database management systems(DBMSs); it can be seen as an abstract blue print for the design of a DBMS and the language interface to such a DBMS. In particular,it serves as a basis for a model of type inheritance, also discussed in this book. The over all structure of the book is thus as follows. First of all,it is divided into four major parts:

  1.  Preliminaries
  2. Formal Specifications
  3. Informal Discussions and Explanations
  4. Sub typing and Inheritance
  • Part I (three chapters) sets the scene by explaining in general terms what the Manifesto is all about and why we wrote it. It also contains an informal overview of both the relational model and a theory of types. We recommend that you read these chapters fairly carefully before moving on to later parts of the book.
  • Part II (two chapters) is the most formal part. It contains the Manifesto proper and a grammar for a language based on Manifesto principles called Tutorial D. Note: This part of the book is provided mainly for reference purposes; it is not necessary, and probably not even a good idea, to study it exhaustively, at least not on a first reading. Tutorial D in particular is intended to be largely self-explanatory. Even though examples throughout the book are based on it,therefore,it should not be necessary to study the Tutorial D grammar in depth in order to understand those examples.
  • Part III is the real heart of the book. It consists of six chapters, one for each of the six sections of the Manifesto as defined in Part II. Each chapter discusses the relevant section of the Manifesto in detail, with examples,and there by explains the motivations and rationale behind the formal proposal so f Part II.
  • Finally, Part IV (five chapters) does for type inheritance what Parts I-III do for the Manifesto proper.
Table of Contents
  1. Background and Overview
  2. A Survey of the Relational Model
  3. Toward a Theory of Types
  4. The Third Manifesto
  5. Tutorial D
  6. RM Prescriptions
  7. RM Prescriptions (No Attribute Ordering)
  8. OO Prescriptions 
  9. OO Prescriptions (Relvars are not domains)
  10. RM Very Strong Suggestions
  11. OO Very Strong Suggestions
  12. Preliminaries
  13. The Inheritance Model
  14. Single Inheritance with Scalar Types
  15. Multiple Inheritance with Scalar Types
  16. Inheritance with Tuple and Relation Types
  17. Appendixes

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