Database Systems – The Complete Book (2nd Edition)

Database Systems The Complete BookFree download Database Systems – The Complete Book Second Edition in PDF written by Hector Garcia – Molina, Jeffery D. Ullman, Jennifer Widom and published by Prentice Hall. 

According to the Authors, “Databases today are essential to every business. They are used to maintain internal records, to present data to customers and clients on the Mbrld-Wide- Web, and to support many other commercial processes. Databases are likewise found at the core of many scientific investigations. They represent the data gathered by astronomers, by investigators of the human genome, and by bio- chemists exploring the medicinal properties of proteins, along with many other scientists.

The power of databases comes from a body of knowledge and technology that has developed over several decades and is embodied in specialized soft- ware called a database management system, or DBMS, or more colloquially a  “database system”. DBMS is a powerful tool for creating and managing large amounts of data efficiently and allowing it to persist over long periods of time, safely. These systems are among the most complex types of software available.

There are other features of this book designed to make it a gentler introduction to Database Systems. Some of these features include:

  • The most advanced online assessment tool Gradiance developed for computer science.  With its innovative underlying technology, Gradiance turns basic homework assignments and programming labs into true learning experiences for students. 
  • Extensive treatment of database modeling—Includes detailed and separate explanations of how to use E/R and ODL to design databases.   
  • Excellent, up-to-date and detailed coverage of SQL—Includes coverage of object-relational systems and many aspects of the new SQL:1999 standard.
  • Discussion of the technologies used to connect database programming with C or Java code—Includes discussions of SQL/PSM, SQL/CLI, and JDBC.
  • Coverage of advanced issues important to database designers and users— Includes discussions of views, integrity constraints, assertions, triggers, transactions, authorization, and recursion in SQL:1999.
  • Coverage of information integration, including data warehousing, mediation, OLAP, data-cube systems, and data mining.

Table of Contents

  1. The World of Database Systems
  2. The Entity-Relationship Data Model
  3. The Relational Data Model
  4. Other Data Models
  5. Relational Algebra
  6. The Database Language SQL
  7. Constraints and Triggers
  8. System Aspect of SQL
  9. Object Orientation in Query Languages
  10. Logical Query Languages
  11. Data Storage
  12. Representing Data Elements
  13. Index Structures
  14. Multidimensional and Bitmap Indexes
  15. Query Execution
  16. The Query Compiler
  17. Coping with System Failures
  18. Concurrency Control
  19. More About Transaction Management
  20. Information Integration 
  21. Index

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