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Data Munging with PerlFree download Data Munging with Perl in PDF written by David Cross and published by Manning Publications Co.

According to the Author, “Over the last five years there has been an explosion of interest in Perl. This is largely because of the huge boost that Perl received when it was adopted as the de facto language for creating content on the world wide web. Perl’s powerful text manipulation facilities made it an obvious choice for writing common gateway interface (CGI) scripts. In the wake of the web’s popularity, Perl has become one of the hottest programming language currently in use.

Unfortunately, a side effect of this association with CGI programming has been the popular misconception that this is Perl’s sole function. Some people even believe that Perl was designed for use CGI programming. This is clearly wrong as Perl was, in fact , written long before before the design of the CGI protocol.

This book, then, is not about writing CGI scripts, but about another of the computing tasks for which Perl is particularly well suited—data munging.

Data munging encompasses all of those boring , everyday tasks to which most programmers devote a good deal of their time. The task of converting data form one format into another. This comes close to being a definitive statement of what programming is: taking input data, processing (or “munging”) it, and producing output data. This is what most programmers do most of the time.

Perl is particularly good at these kinds of tasks. It helps programmers write data conversion programs quickly. In fact, the same characteristics that make Perl ideal for CGI programming also make it deal for data munging. 

In keeping with the Perl community slogan, “There’s more than one way to do it,” this book examines a number of ways of dealing with various types of data. Hopefully, this book will provide some new “ways to do it” that will make your programming life more productive and more enjoyable.Another Perl community slogan is, “Perl makes easy jobs easy and hard jobs possible .” It is my hope that by the time you have reached the end of this book, you will see that “Perl makes fun jobs fun and boring jobs bearable.

This book is aimed primarily at programmers who munge data as a regular part of their job and who want to write more efficient data munging code. I will discuss techniques for data munging, introducing new techniques, as well as novel uses for familiar methods. While some approaches can be applied using any language, I use Perl here to demonstrate the ease of applying these techniques in this versatile language. 

This book begins by addressing introductory and general topics, before gradually exploring more complex types of data munging.

  • Part 1 sets the scene for the rest of the book.
  • Part II begins our survey of data formats by looking at unstructured and record structured data.
  • Part III moves beyond the limits of the simple data formats into the realms of hierarchical data structures and parsers.
  • Part IV concludes our tour with a brief review as well as suggestions for further study. 
Table of Content
  1. Data, Data Munging and Perl
  2. General Munging Practices
  3. Useful Perl Idioms
  4. Pattern matching
  5. Unstructured Data
  6. Record-Oriented Data
  7. Fixed-Width and Binary Data
  8. Complex Data Formats
  9. HTML
  10. XML
  11. Building Your Own Parsers
  12. Looking Back—and Ahead
  13. Index

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