Foundations of Computer Science 4th Edition

Foundations of Computer ScienceFree Download Foundations of Computer Science, Fourth Edition Book in PDF written by Behrouz Forouzan and published by Cengage Learning EMEA, America.

Computers play a large part in our everyday lives and will continue to do so in the future. Computer science is a young discipline that is evolving and progressing. Computer networks have connected people from far-flung points of the globe. Virtual reality is creating three-dimensional images that amaze the eyes. Space exploration owes part of its success to computers. Computer-generated special effects have changed the movie industry. Computers have played important roles in genetics.

This book is written for both academic and professional audience. The book can be used as a self-study guide for interested professionals. As a textbook, it can be used for a one-semester or one-quarter course. It is designed as the first course in computer science. This book is designed for a CS0 course based on the recommendations of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM). It covers all areas of computer science in breadth. The book, totally or partially, can also be used in other disciplines where the students need to have a bird’s-eye view approach to the computer science.

Minor changes have been made to almost all the chapters. Two new chapters have been added (Chapters 19 and 20). Some materials have been removed from Chapter 4, expanded and inserted as two new appendices (Appendices I and J). The book is made of 20 chapters and 10 appendices. Chapters are intended to provide the basic materials. However, not all chapters are needed for every audience. The professor who teaches the course can decide which chapters to use. The book presents highly technical subject matter without complex formulas by using a balance of text and figures. More than 400 figures accompanying the text provide a visual and intuitive opportunity for understanding the material. Figures are particularly important in explaining the relationship between components of a whole. For many students, these concepts are more easily grasped visually than verbally.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Number Systems
  3. Data Storage
  4. Operations on Data
  5. Computer Organization
  6. Computer Networks and Internet
  7. Operating Systems
  8. Algorithms
  9. Programming Languages
  10. Software Engineering
  11. Data Structure
  12. Abstract Data Types
  13. File Structure
  14. Databases
  15. Data Compression
  16. Security
  17. Theory of Computation
  18. Artificial Intelligence
  19. Introduction to Social Media
  20. Social and Ethical Issues
  21. Appendixes

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