Code The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software

Code The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and SoftwareFree Download Code The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software Book in PDF written by Charles Petzold and Published by Microsoft Press, A Division of Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way Redmond, Washington.

According to the Author, “Code rattled around in my head for about a decade before I started writing it. As I was contemplating Code and then writing it, and even after the book was published, people would ask me, “What’s the book about?” I was always reluctant to answer this question. I’d mumble something about “a unique journey through the evolution of the digital technologies that define the modern age” and hope that would be sufficient. But finally I had to admit it: “Code is a book about how computers work.”

As I feared, the reactions weren’t favorable. “Oh, I have a book like that,” some people would say, to which my immediate response was, “No, no, no, you don’t have a book like this one.” I still think that’s true. Code is not like other how-computers-work books. It doesn’t have big color illustrations of disk drives with arrows showing how the data sweeps into the computer. Code has no drawings of trains carrying a cargo of zeros and ones. Metaphors and similes arc wonderful literary devices but they do nothing but obscure the beauty of technology.

I want Code to be a book that makes you understand these things, not in some abstract way, but with a depth that just might even rival that of electrical engineers and programmers. I also hope that you might recognize the computer to be one of the crowning achievements of twentieth century technology and appreciate it as a beautiful thing in itself without metaphors and similes getting in the way. Computers are constructed in a hierarchy, from transistors down at the bottom to the information displayed on our computer screens at the top. Moving up each level in the hierarchy-which is how Code is structured is probably not as hard as most people might think. There is certainly a lot going on inside the modern computer, but it is a lot of very common and simple operations.

Table of Contents

  1. Best Friends
  2. Codes and Combinations
  3. Braille and Binary Codes
  4. Anatomy of a Flashlight
  5. Seeing Around Comers
  6. Telegraphs and Relays
  7. Our Ten Digits
  8. Alternatives to Ten
  9. Bit by Bit by Bit
  10. Logic and Switches
  11. Gates (Not Bill)
  12. A Binary Adding Machine
  13. But What About Subtraction?
  14. Feedback and Flip-Flops
  15. Bytes and Hex
  16. An Assemblage of Memory
  17. Automation
  18. From Abaci to Chips
  19. Two Classic Microprocessors
  20. ASCD and a Cast of Characters
  21. Get on the Bus
  22. The Operating System
  23. Fixed Point, Floating Point
  24. Languages High and Low
  25. The Graphical Revolution

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