Code Complete (2nd Edition)

Code CompleteFree download Code Complete 2nd Edition in PDF written by Steve McConnel (Two-time winner of the Software Development Magazine Jolt Award) and Published by Microsoft Press. 

According to the Author, “The gap between the best software engineering practice and the average practice is very wide—perhaps wider than in any other engineering discipline. A tool that disseminates good practice would be important. —Fred Brooks
My primary concern in writing this book has been to narrow the gap between the knowledge of industry gurus and professors on the one hand and common commercial practice on the other. Many powerful programming techniques hide in journals and academic papers for years before trickling down to the programming public.
Although leading-edge software-development practice has advanced rapidly in recent years, common practice hasn’t. Many programs are still buggy, late, and over budget, and many fail to satisfy the needs of their users. Researchers in both the software industry and academic settings have discovered effective practices that eliminate most of the programming problems that have been prevalent since the 1970s. Because these practices aren’t often reported outside the pages of highly specialized technical journals, however, most programming organizations aren’t yet using them today. Studies have found that it typically takes 5 to 15 years or more for a research development to make its way into commercial practice (Raghavan and Chand 1989, Rogers 1995, Parnas 1999). This handbook shortcuts the process, making key discoveries available to the average programmer now.

Key Benefits of This Handbook

Whatever your background, this handbook can help you write better programs in less time and with fewer headaches.

Complete software-construction reference:  This handbook discusses general aspects of construction such as software quality and ways to think about programming. It gets into nitty-gritty construction details such as steps in building classes, ins and outs of using data and control structures, debugging, refactoring, and code-tuning techniques and strategies. You don’t need to read it cover to cover to learn about these topics. The book is designed to make it easy to find the specific information that interests you.

Ready-to-use checklists:  This book includes dozens of checklists you can use to assess your software architecture, design approach, class and routine quality, variable names, control structures, layout, test cases, and much more.

Larger perspective on software development: This book will give you a chance to rise above the fray of day-to-day fire fighting and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Few practicing programmers have the time to read through the hundreds of books and journal articles that have been distilled into this handbook. The research and real world experience gathered into this handbook will inform and stimulate your thinking about your projects, enabling you to take strategic action so that you don’t have to fight the same battles again and again.

Numerous code examples:  The book contains almost 500 examples of good and bad code. I’ve included so many examples because, personally, I learn best from examples. I think other programmers learn best that way too.

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome to Software Construction
  2. Metaphors for a Richer Understanding of Software Development
  3. Measure Twice, Cut Once: Upstream Prerequisites
  4. Key Construction Decision
  5. Design in Construction
  6. Working Classes 
  7. High Quality Routines
  8. Defensive Programming
  9. The Pseudocode Programming Process
  10. General Issues in Using Variables 
  11. The Power of Variable Names
  12. Fundamental Data Types

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