C++ in a Nutshell

C++ in a NutshellFree Download C++ in a Nutshell Book (A Language & Library Reference) in PDF written by Ray Lischner and Published by O’Reilly Media, Inc.

C++ in a Nutshell is a reference to the C++ language and library. Being a Nutshell guide, it is not a comprehensive manual, but it is complete enough to cover everything a working professional needs to know. Nonetheless, C++ is such a large and complex language that even this Nutshell guide is a large book. This book covers the C++ standard, the international standard published as ISO/IEC 14882:1998(E), Programming Languages—C++, plus Technical Corrigendum .Many implementations of C++ extend the language and standard library. Except for brief mentions of language and library extensions in the appendixes, this book covers only the standard. The standard library is large—it includes strings, containers, common algorithms, and much more—but it omits much that is commonplace in computing today: concurrency, network protocols, database access, graphics, windows, and so on. See Appendix B for information about nonstandard libraries that provide additional functionality.

This book is a reference. It is not a tutorial. Newcomers to C++ might find portions of this book difficult to understand. Although each section contains some advice on idioms and the proper use of certain language constructs, the main focus is on the reference material. Visit http://www.tempest-sw.com/cpp/ for links to sites and lists of books that are better suited for beginners.

This book is divided into two interleaved sections that cover the language and the library, and a section of appendixes. Roughly speaking, the language is the part of C++ that does not require any additional #include headers or files. The library is the part of C++ that is declared in the standard headers.

Table of Contents

  1. Language Basics
  2. Declarations
  3. Expressions
  4. Statements
  5. Functions
  6. Classes
  7. Templates
  8. Standard Library
  9. Input and Output
  10. Containers, Iterators, and Algorithms
  11. Preprocessor Reference
  12. Language Reference
  13. Library Reference

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