Advanced Topics in C

Advanced Topics in CFree Download Advanced Topics in C Book in PDF written by Dr. Noel Kalicharan and published by Apress Media LLC USA. Dr. Noel Kalicharan is a senior lecturer in computer science at the University of the West Indies (UWI) in St. Augustine, Trinidad. For more than 36 years, he has taught programming courses to people at all levels, from children to senior citizens. He has been teaching algorithms and programming, among other things, at UWI since 1976.

According to the Author, “This book assumes you have a working knowledge of basic programming concepts such as variables, constants, assignment, selection (if…else), and looping (while, for). It also assumes you are comfortable with writing functions and working with arrays. If you are not, it is recommended that you study C Programming Absolute Beginner’s Guide or any other introductory C programming book before tackling the material in this book. The emphasis is not on teaching advanced concepts of the C language per se but, rather, on using C to teach advanced programming concepts that any aspiring programmer should know. The major topics covered include elementary sorting methods (selection, insertion), searching (sequential, binary), merging, structures, pointers, linked lists, stacks, queues, recursion, random numbers, files (text, binary, random access, indexed), binary tress, advanced sorting methods (heapsort, quicksort, merge sort, Shell sort), and hashing (a very fast way to search).

Our goal is to provide a good grasp of advanced programming techniques as well as a basic understanding of important data structures (linked lists, stacks, queues, binary trees) and how they can be implemented in C. We hope this will whet your appetite for a deeper study of this exciting, essential area of computer science. Many of the exercises require you to write a program. Not providing answers for these was deliberate. Our experience is that, in our fast-food culture, students do not spend the necessary time to figure out the solutions when answers are available. In any case, the goal of the programming exercises is for you to write the programs.

Table of Contents

  1. Sorting, Searching, and Merging
  2. Structures
  3. Pointers
  4. Linked Lists
  5. Stacks and Queues
  6. Recursion
  7. Random Numbers, Games, and Simulation
  8. Working with Files
  9. Introduction to Binary Trees
  10. Advanced Sorting
  11. Hashing

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