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Beginning PowerAppsFree Download Beginning PowerApps The Non-Developers Guide to Building Business Mobile Applications in PDF written by Tim Leung and published by Apress Media LLC.

The Author, Tim Leung is a software developer with vast experience in designing and building large-scale commercial applications. He is a recognized expert in the field of rapid application development and his previous publication with Apress. Tim is a Microsoft certified developer, a chartered member of the British Computer Society, and holds a degree in Information Technology.

According to the Author, “Welcome, and thank you for choosing this book. Within its contents, you’ll learn how to build functional apps and how to avoid the common mistakes that beginners often make. The contents of this book are organized into three logical sections:

  • The first four chapters describe how to build and publish an app. This book assumes no prior knowledge and therefore, we’ll start at the very beginning. This includes how to subscribe and to install the requisite software. Within these chapters, we’ll cover elementary topics such as how to retrieve and update data from a data source, how to build screens, and how to configure the navigation linkages between screens.
  • The main section of this book describes how to embellish our apps. We’ll look at how to use a cloud-based data store called the common data service. We’ll also cover practical tasks including how to use screen controls, how to capture photos, how to retrieve location details with GPS, and how to display data with charts. This section of the book also contains a reference guide of formulas. These are very important because they provide the means for us to program PowerApps.
  • In the final section of this book, we’ll cover some advanced techniques. This includes how to configure security, how to import and export data, and how to build apps that can work offline. We’ll also examine how to use Flow, a workflow service that can carry out tasks outside of PowerApps. The final chapter describes how to expand the capabilities of PowerApps by calling third-party web services.

To provide some context to the concepts in this book, we’ll refer frequently to demonstration app that records journey details. This typifies the sort of application that businesses use to record mileage expense claims. In technical terms, this app enables us to explore a wide range of data types. We hope you find this book useful, and we wish you much success in building some great apps with PowerApps.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started
  2. Subscribing to PowerApps
  3. Creating Your First App
  4. Sharing Apps
  5. Exploring Data Sources
  6. Using Formulas
  7. Customizing Screens
  8. Using Controls
  9. Working with Data
  10. Working with Images
  11. Mapping Data
  12. Using Charts
  13. Securing Apps
  14. Importing and Exporting Data
  15. Using Flow
  16. Working Offline
  17. Creating Custom Data Connectors
  18. Appendixes

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