21st Century C, 2nd Edition

21st Century CFree Download 21st Century C, 2nd Edition in PDF written by Ben Klemens and published by O’Reilly Media.

According to the Author, ” C has only a handful of keywords and is a bit rough around the edges, and it rocks. You can do anything with it. Like the C, G, and D chords on a guitar, you can learn the basic mechanics quickly, and then spend the rest of your life getting better. The people who don’t get it fear its power and think it too edgy to be safe. By all rankings, it is consistently the most popular language that doesn’t have a corporation or foundation spending money to promote it.

Also, the language is about 40 years old, which makes it middle-aged. It was written by a few guys basically working against management—the perfect punk rock origins— but that was in the 1970s, and there’s been a lot of time for the language to go mainstream.

This is a book about breaking tradition and keeping C punk rock. I don’t care to compare the code in this book to the original C specification in Kernighan & Ritchie’s 1978 book. My telephone has 512 MB of memory, so why are our C textbooks still spending pages upon pages covering techniques to shave kilobytes off of our executables? I am writing this on a bottom-of-the-line red netbook that can accommodate 3,200,000,000 instructions per second; what do I care about whether an operation requires comparing 8 bits or 16? We should be writing code that we can write quickly and that is readable by our fellow humans. We’re still writing in C, so our readable but imperfectly optimized code will still run an order of magnitude faster than if we’d written comparable code in any number of alternative, bloated languages.

Table of Contents

  1. Set Yourself Up for Easy Compilation
  2. Debug, Test, Document
  3. Packaging Your Project
  4. Version Control
  5. Playing Nice with Others
  6. Your Pal the Pointer.
  7. Inessential C Syntax that Textbooks Spend a Lot of Time Covering
  8. Important C Syntax that Textbooks Often Do Not Cover
  9. Easier Text Handling
  10. Better Structures
  11. Object-Oriented Programming in C
  12. Parallel Threads
  13. Libraries

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