The C++ Standard Library

The C++ Standard LibraryFree Download The C++ Standard Library A Tutorial and Reference (2nd Edition) in PDF written by Nicolai M. Josuttis and published by Addison-Wesley.

According to the Author, “I never thought that the first edition of this book would sell so long. But now, after twelve years, it’s time for a new edition that covers C++11, the new C++ standard.

Note that this means more than simply adding new libraries. C++ has changed. Almost all typical applications of parts of the library look a bit different now. This is not the result of a huge language change. It’s the result of many minor changes, such as using rvalue references and move semantics, range-based for loops, auto, and new template features. Thus, besides presenting new libraries and supplementary features of existing libraries, almost all of the examples in this book were rewritten at least partially. Nevertheless, to support programmers who still use “old” C++ environments, this book will describe differences between C++ versions whenever they appear.

Note, finally, that this book now has a problem: Although the book’s size grew from about 800 to more than 1,100 pages, I still can’t present the C++ standard library as a whole. The library part of the new C++11 standard alone now has about 750 pages, written in very condensed form without much explanation. For this reason, I had to decide which features to describe and in how much detail. Again, many people in the C++ community helped me to make this decision. The intent was to concentrate on what the average application programmer needs. For some missing parts, I provide a supplementary chapter on the Web site of this book,, but you still will find details not mentioned here in the standard.

Table of Contents

  1. About This Book
  2. Introduction to C++ and the Standard Library
  3. New Language Features
  4. General Concepts
  5. Utilities
  6. The Standard Template Library
  7. STL Containers
  8. STL Container Members in Detail
  9. STL Iterators
  10. STL Function Objects and Using Lambdas
  11. STL Algorithms
  12. Special Containers
  13. Strings
  14. Regular Expressions
  15. Input/output Using Stream Classes
  16. Internationalization
  17. Numerics
  18. Concurrency
  19. Allocators
  20. Bibliography

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