Killer Game Programming in Java

Killer Game Programming in JavaFree download Killer Game Programming in Java Book in Pdf written by Andrew Davison and published by O’Reilly Media, Inc.

According to the Author, “This book describes modern (i.e., fast and efficient) Java programming techniques for writing a broad range of games, including 2D arcade-style, isometric (2.5D), 3D, and network games, with a strong emphasis on 3D programming using Java 3D.

The 3D topics include loading externally produced 3D models, 3D sprites, first person shooters (FPS), terrain generation, particle systems and flocking, and different approaches to animation. Several chapters on network games build to an example where users move sprites around a networked 3D arena.


Which Software Versions?

As per Writer, “My Java code is designed to compile and run in J2SE 5.0 and J2SE 1.4, which means that I avoid using new language features and API introduced in J2SE 5.0. The main reason is to allow my code to be backward compatible with older (and still popular) Java versions. The main areas where I lose out are in the availability of type-safe collections and the nanosecond time method, System.nanoTime( ), introduced in J2SE 5.0.

However, my code uses the J2SE 1.4 collections in type-safe ways, and I utilize the Java 3D nanosecond timer instead of nanoTime( ) to achieve the same timing accuracy. In Chapter 2, I discuss these issues in more detail.

I use Java 3D 1.3.1. although there is a bug release version, 1.3.2, which is regularly updated. I decided to employ Version 1.3.1 since it’s stable and well-documented. In Chapter 14, I talk about Java 3D in more detail. 

This book has four parts: 2D programming, 3D programming with Java 3D, network programming, and two appendixes on installation. The following figures give more details about each one in a visual way. Each oval is a chapter, and the arrows show the main dependencies between the chapters. Chapters on a common theme are grouped inside dotted, rounded gray squares.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Java for Games Programming?
  2. An Animation Framework
  3. Worms in Windows and Applets
  4. Full Screen Worms
  5. An Introduction to Java Imaging
  6. Image Loading, Visual Effects, and Animation
  7. Introducing Java Sound
  8. Loading and Playing Sounds
  9. Audio Effects
  10. Audio Synthesis
  11. Sprites
  12. A Side-Scroller
  13. An Isometric Tile Game
  14. Introducing Java 3D
  15. A 3D Checkboard: Checkers 3D
  16. Loading and Manipulating External Models
  17. Using a Lathe to Make Shapes
  18. 3D Sprites
  19. Animated 3D Sprites
  20. An Articulated, Moveable Figure
  21. Particle Systems
  22.  Flocking Boids
  23. Shooting a Gun
  24. A First-Person Shooter
  25. A 3D Maze
  26. Fractal Land
  27. Terrain Generation with Terragen
  28. Trees that Grow
  29. Networking Basics
  30. Network Chat
  31. A Networked Two-Person Game
  32. A Networked Virtual Environment

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