Introduction to Python for Science and Engineering

Introduction to Python for science and EngineeringFree Download Introduction to Python for Science and Engineering in PDF written by David J. Pine and published by CRC Press.

According to the Author, “The aim of this book is to provide science and engineering students a practical introduction to technical programming in Python. It grew out of notes I developed for various undergraduate physics courses I taught at NYU. While it has evolved considerably since I first put pen to paper, it retains its original purpose: to get students with no previous
programming experience writing and running Python programs for scientific applications with a minimum of fuss.

The approach is pedagogical and “bottom up,” which means starting with examples and extracting more general principles from that experience. This is in contrast to presenting the general principles first and then examples of how those general principles work. In my experience, the latter approach is satisfying only to the instructor. Much computer documentation takes a top-down approach, which is one of the reasons it’s frequently difficult to read and understand. On the other hand, once examples have been seen, it’s useful to extract the general ideas in order to develop the conceptual framework needed for further applications.

In writing this text, I assume that the reader:

  • has never programmed before;
  • is not familiar with programming environments;
  • is familiar with how to get around a Mac or PC at a very basic level;
  • is competent in basic algebra, and for Chapters 8 and 9, calculus, linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, and Fourier analysis.
    The other chapters, including 10–12, require only basic algebra skills.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Launching Python
  3. Strings, Lists, Arrays, and Dictionaries
  4. Input and Output
  5. Conditionals and Loops
  6. Plotting
  7. Functions
  8. Curve Fitting
  9. Numerical Routines: SciPy and NumPy
  10. Data Manipulation and Analysis: Pandas
  11. Animation
  12. Python Classes and GUIs

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