Windows Assembly Language and Systems Programming (2nd Edition)

Windows_Assembly_LanguageFree download Windows Assembly Language and Systems Programming Second Edition in PDF written by Barry Kauler (Lecturer, Edith Crown University) and published by R&D Books. 

According to the Author, ” This book is about Windows Programming and can even be used as an introductory text for Windows, but the emphasis is at a more fundamental level than found in other Window programming books. Having such a fundamental knowledge will make it easier for you to do all kinds of tricks with Windows, such as direct keyboard input, direct video output,  and signalling via interrupts.

I have structured the material like a ladder from a very basic level, so feel free to jump over any parts that you are already familiar with. I recommend going through it with the objective of picking up the over all ideas, not worrying  too much about nitty gritty details. A practical plan of action is to surge forward until you get to the chapters with some hands on examples, then when you need to know some of the fine details, refer back as needed. You’ll find the index to be comprehensive, with this in mind. 

In keeping with the ladder concept, I have covered the entire x86 family of processors, from the humble 8088 to the Pentium. It is very important to note that these later CPUs are downward compatible, meaning they will run software from an earlier CPU, though the reverse is not necessarily true. As this book develops, we get into areas of programming that will require you to have a knowledge of the architectural concepts. 

Table of Contents

  1. CPU Architecture
  2. Basic Assembly Language
  3. Opening Windows
  4. The Bare Bones
  5. High-Level Assembly
  6. Program Design
  7. PC Hardware
  8. BIOS, DOS and Windows Low-Level Services
  9. Direct Hardware Access
  10. Real-Time Events
  11. Real Mode Access
  12. 32-Bit Ring 0
  13. 32-Bit Ring 3
  14. DOS-Win Transitions
  15. Advanced Systems Programming
  16. Introduction Summary

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