Head First Java (2nd Edition) Covers Java 5.0

Head First JavaFree download Head First Java (2nd Edition) Covers Java 5.0 in PDF written Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates and published by O’Reilly Media, Inc.

According to the Authors,”This is not a reference book. Head First Java is a book designed for learning , not an encyclopedia of Java facts. If you really want to learn , and you want to learn more quickly and more deeply, pay attention to how you pay attention. Think about how you think. Learn how you learn. Most of us did not take courses on meat-cognition or learning theory when we were growing up. We were expected to learn , but rarely taught to learn. To get the most from this book or any book  or learning experience, take responsibility for your brain. Your brain on that content.

You do not need any other development tool , such as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). We strongly recommend that you not use anything but a basic text editor until you complete this book . An IDE can protect you from some of the details that really matter, so you’re much better off learning from the command line and then, once you really understand what’s happening, move to a tool that automates some of the process.  

We used pictures, because your brain is turned for visuals, not text. As for your brain concerned a picture really is worth 1024 words. And when text and pictures work together, we embedded the text in the pictures because your brain works more effectively when the text is within the thing the text refers to , as opposed to in a caption or buried in the text somewhere. 

We used repetition,  saying the same things in different ways and with  different media types, and multiple sense to increase the chance that the content gets coded coded into more than area of your brain.

Here’s what you can do to bend your brain into submission:

  • Slow down. The more you understand , the less you have to memorize
  • Do the exercises. Write your own notes.
  • Read the “There are no Dumb Questions”.
  • Don’t do all your reading in one place.
  • Make this the last thing you read before bed. Or at least the last challenging thing.
  • Drink Water. Lots of it.
  • Talk about it. Out Loud
  • Listen your brain
  • Feel something!
  • Type and run the code
Table of Contents
  1. Breaking the Surface
  2. A Trip to Objectville 
  3. Know your Variables
  4. How Object Behave
  5. Extra Strength Methods
  6. Using the Java Library
  7. Better Living in Objectville
  8. Serious Polymorphism
  9. Life and Death of an Object
  10. Numbers Matter 
  11. Risky Behavior
  12. A Very Graphic
  13. Work on Your Swing
  14. Saving Objects
  15. Make a Connection
  16. Data Structures
  17. Release Your Code
  18. Distributed Computing
  19. Appendixes

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